04 September 2009

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BJP – August 2009 Analysis- Jaswant VS Advani Judgment by RSS.

BJP – August 2009 Analysis- Jaswant VS Advani Judgment by RSS-
After defeat in the election, everyone in India is watching the drama, what is happening in the BJP party.
Reality Views by sm-
The biggest problem Today BJP is facing that who will oppose and fight elections

opposite Prince Rahul Gandhi and Congress in the year 2014. Congress has successfully in there traditional way created the young leaders. There formula is simple if your father is Chief Minister make his son also chief minister in the future.
Now what happens with BJP is that BJP leadership has no authority, Remote control is with the RSS If RSS leaders are happy with you, there are chances you will get good post in the BJP party.
Last month everyone saw that how BJP leaders L.K. Advani and every one went to the RSS Chief Bhagwat to save there chair and discuss the future of BJP.
The time has come BJP should openly accept that,
Yes RSS is the God of BJP,
Like everyone knows that, Sonia Gandhi is the Goddess of Congress Party.
Once BJP accepts this truth, it will become easy for RSS as well as BJP to have discussions openly.
As Jaswant Singh was never related with RSS in the past, so when he wrote the book,
Spreading the views which were opposite to the RSS leadership he was immediately
Disowned by the RSS and BJP.
On the other hand same thing happened with L.K. Advani, but Advani is former member of RSS, so he was not punished.
Just think there are 2 boys both boys have committed same crime , and mother of one boy is the Judge, what she will do , she will see that more punishment is given to the other boy and not her boy, and majority mothers will do this, on paper it sounds good to say we love justice, but when in reality one faces this problem , the mother and family everyone forgets about justice , and everyone tries to see that kid is saved from the punishment .He should be given one chance.
Now the chapter of Jaswant is finish, but this is India, we will not be surprised if in future Jaswant Singh may join BJP again.
Once the money is made from the book, just say sorry and everyone will forget everything and he will get pardon from RSS.


Anonymous,  September 04, 2009  

like the pics

Dhiman September 04, 2009  

Don't know whether the BJP is going to stay afloat till next Lok Sabha election ...the way they are going....

BK Chowla, September 04, 2009  

BJP has been an embarrassment to the nation.Largest democracy has no effective opposition.Rahul Gandhi(not congress) have been working very systematically and will do so till the next elections.If BJP goes on like this,Rahul Gandhi will come to power with an absolute majority.

sm,  September 04, 2009  

Dhiman yes i agree with your doubt.

sm,  September 04, 2009  

BK yes i totally agree with you.