22 July 2009

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Security check Of Vip politician and Indian National Insult.

Reality Views by sm:
Security check Of Vip politician and Indian National Insult.
When someone is traveling by air line, everyone has to go through security check.
Does this security check is insult?
Who is superior in democracy citizens or political servants?
These frisking incidents of VIP persons clearly show the mentality of our politicians.
It proves the point that politicians think they are kings and should get treatment like a king.

Our politicians totally forgot that they are servants of the country.
When Indian citizens do not have any problem while checking why these politicians feel anger when they have to go through the same checking procedure.
If you are working Prime Minister or Minister, you have to go through check also, but still if you get exemption, as a citizen I do not object.
But what is the reason retired politicians need exemption.
If you remember some one year back one politician was found in trafficking case.
Do you think a retired politician be given exemption from the checking.
I do not support it, as they are common citizen like you and me.
If it is insult for the retired citizen politician, then Every Indian should feel that it is an insult if he also has to go through the security check.
What is the need of security check?
Security check is done to avoid the future trouble.
Suppose a terror group kidnaps a kin or son of a retired politician and terror groups ask him to board a plane with guns, as there is no security check, don’t you think that retired politician will carry the guns inside the aero plane to save the life of his kin, his son.

Anything can happen in this world. So when a politician goes through security check, it is not insult to India, but a politician should feel proud that he is the Prime Minister of India but he is also going through security check to save the lives of all the people who are on the plane.

Many political parties say there God is King Shivaji, they are ready to spend 3000 to 30000 crore rupees to build a statue of King Shivaji but they are not ready to learn anything from King Shivaji.
King Shivaji never considered his own needs to be above his people's welfare or their security
Once King Shivaji went to his one of the forts at night time, and the gatekeeper inform them that as per rules of Shivji Maharaja , the gate of the fort will be opened at the sun rise, after this King Shivjai waited outside fort until sun rise ,and after that he rewarded the gate keeper.

When Any Vip goes through security check I do not think it is insult of mother India.
But it shows that in India ,we have democracy.But you will always find that all the kings support each other when there are matters of money, respect and power without considering any security of other common people.
Exemption is always given to the kings and not servants.


BK Chowla, July 22, 2009  

sm,it is an important subject and must be seen in totality.Unfortunate part of our self defined democracy is that we-you and me-are treated like subjects whereas these useless good for nothing netas treat themselves as masters.Unless steps are taken to ensure change in this thinking ,all this muck will continue.The other point that comes out of your post is----may be unintentionally---that we do not trust our elected representatives any more.
It is time for those in power to take corrective steps on their own.
You can also look at the security these fellows enjoy at our cost.Commandos protecting the VIPs have the latest arms whereas terror sensitive areas are Lathi protected.
How many more examples do we need to show true democracy to these netas?

AnjuGandhi July 22, 2009  

i personally feel that there is nothing wrong in security check. rule for each and every one should be the same.

Indyeah July 22, 2009  

I think everyone should be checked..rules should be the same for everyone...no special rules should be there for VIP's :/

good post!

sm,  July 22, 2009  

BK, yes your every word is correct

sm,  July 23, 2009  

Anjug yes it should be same for all i agree with you.

Vipul Grover July 23, 2009  

nice article sm.. specially anecdote u shard about Shivaji was intsting.. Evn i blive, common citizens shud not suffer at d cost of politicians and administrators. But Former Indian President is sum1 4 whom i don't mind an exemption (though evn sch prsn cn offer voluntary security chk 2 set an example)

sm,  July 23, 2009  

everymatter thanks

sm,  July 23, 2009  

Indyeah yes agree with you fully

sm,  July 23, 2009  

Vipul you are right and he has not demanded apology from anyone as per my knowledge.

Tukang Komen July 23, 2009  

I think everyone should be checked, no exception.
Nice to visit here...

deeps July 23, 2009  

no marriage, nothing like that ..
that book is by me ..
will be in the market soon

sm,  July 23, 2009  

komen yes no exception.

sm,  July 23, 2009  

deeps congrats for the book