24 July 2009

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Kerala: Education Department Sets Example

Kerala: Education Department Sets Example
By using free software for the state sponsored Information Technology project,
Kerala education department has saved 11 crore Rupees

This shows that if government babus are willing everything is possible in Indian democracy.

By saving 11 crore rupees kerala education department has set an example for the other state education departments to use the free and open software platform (FOSS) for the state-sponsored IT School project.
To promote free software usage the Project has developed its own free operating system namely IT School GNU\Linux, which is now being used in all schools.
The beauty of the project is that it has not engaged separate manpower for looking into IT need of the schools. The existing teachers are trained by resourceful Master Trainers of the Project (the Master Trainers are itself trained teachers from schools).
The open source materials developed/used by the Project includes
IT School GNU\ Linux- Free software operating system which is now used in entire schools in Kerala

Application software’s like Open office, GIMP, Dr. Geo, Rasmol, KEduca, Klab etc.
Examination software –to conduct IT practical examination to more than16 lakh students
Handbook for GNU\Linux – prepared as a user manual for working in IT School GNU\Linux

Training modules in GNU\Linux – to train teachers in open source

Textbook for standard 8th 9th and 10th – Prepared in association with SCERT

The advantage of using free software is not only cost reduction, there are philosophical reasons behind this including sharing of knowledge. I think this is a model that other states can follow,” said state Minister of Education M.A. Baby.


BK Chowla, July 24, 2009  

The project head and the one who took the initiative must be complimented.This success story must be circulated to Kapil Sibal and all the other state education ministers.However,what is more important is Babus involvement in such projects and their realisation as to how much difference they can make to the society with constructive approach.

sm,  July 27, 2009  

bk thanks yes you are right this story should be circulated but ihave not seen any media or news tv channle spreading it .

MONIKA,  August 25, 2009  


sm,  August 26, 2009  

Monica thanks Hope not only Utter pradesh but whole of India follows this