27 July 2009

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Sach Ka Samna Dares Politicians and Religious Leaders-

Reality Views by sm:
Sach Ka Samna Dares Politicians and Religious Leaders-
Sach ka Samna is a television serial which is shown on the star plus TV channel.
In this reality TV show , the host asks the 21 questions to the participant and if he answers them correctly he wins 1 crore rupess.
The answer of the contestant is true or false is decided by the polygraph test .
If answer is true he or she is asked the next question.
The participants of this show willingly come to this truth show play this game and win money.
But our Indian politicians are afraid of this show ,

they are afraid of truth , truth is always bitter , a human becomes pure only when he accepts his guilt .
Indian politicians and few religious leaders are opposing this show by saying that this show is obscene ,it will destroy our Indian culture and society and values.
Even politicians need and demand money to ask a question in the parliament.
Many people say what is the need to offer the money to say truth, so my question is that if you believe in God ,what is the need you offer sweets to God or promise the god that if you get this job or get this work done you will offer him 1 crore rupees or 1000 rupess.
Try to find out how many things we are ready to do without offer of money or fame or respect in the society.
Last week only in Patna , female was made naked in the public and hundreds of males enjoyed that show on the road.
Regarding this there is no uproar , as I am uneducated Indian may be this is tradition of India and I don’t know it. I am sorry if I said something wrong regarding this culture.
Still I remembered Mahabharata and Draupadi .
If you do not know this incident , I will tell you in short Mahabharata is a ancient story ,in that Draupadi a female queen , When the husband of Draupadi plays gambling he puts his wife Draupadi as a bet and losses the bet , after that the winners try to make nude this Queen Draupadi as her husband lost the bet, she becomes dasi or slave of the winner king.
2nd incident is birth of Karna ,but his mother does not face the truth and hides this truth from society, if this truth was not hidden I feel there would not have been the war of Mahabharata.
So may be this is our Indian tradition to say we respect and consider truth as a god but on the other hand we do not permit society to speak truth.
As usual Bjp has demanded that this show should be banned.
Are we so afraid that we can not even face the truth.
If you read the Upanishads you will find that
Dharma is not just law, or harmony, it is pure Reality. In the Brihadaranyaka's own words:
" Verily, that which is Dharma is truth.
Therefore they say of a man who speaks truth, 'He speaks the Dharma,'
Or of a man who speaks the Dharma, 'He speaks the Truth.'
Verily, both these things are the same."
(Brh. Upanishad, 1.4.14) (2)

Another point is this television show is just a game , human life is so fast we can not even remember what we have seen on television last week..
Even we do not remember the promises made by the politicians.
What will happen because of this Sach Ka Samna show in the society
I think nothing will happen ,nothing will change.
If government of India is so worried about the families then why don’t you give good quality water ,homes , 24 hour electricity, and food to the poor and needy.
The tragedy of India is that no one is ready to talk on the point how to control corruption
How to bring accountability for the politicians.
How to control the population in India
How to give decent life to every Indian.
To demand to ban the Sach ka samna is nothing but an attempt to fool the society one more time.
Some one has filed the case in the High court to ban this serial as he feels that the serial is obscene.
Most important factor is that definition of obscene changes per human. One may think using jeans is obscene so does it becomes Obscene.
Nothing is obscene in this world. Our thoughts and religions have made it all obscene.
Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.

“Unless your heart, your soul, and your whole being are behind every decision you make, the words from your mouth will be empty, and each action will be meaningless. Truth and confidence are the roots of happiness.”


AnjuGandhi July 27, 2009  

but why wash personal dirty linen in public and cause hurt to so many people. specially when they ask questions like whether you have another child which your wife doesnt know about , or how many times have u cheated your wife etc etc

sm,  July 28, 2009  

Anjug i agree with you, but remote is in our hand if we want and want to oppose them lets stop watching the show,but we do not have liberty to stop the enjoyment of other people,when they enjoy it does not harm me anyway we got remote just change the channel.
its better to earn money by selling your life than selling our nation.

Anonymous,  July 28, 2009  

like blog

BK Chowla, July 28, 2009  

sm,this theory of remote in our hand is too out dated.Though I agree that no one should object to such a show on the arguments forwarded.But,do you think it is ok to discuss as to who all a participant slept with to win a prise?Or did the participant forced his girl friend to abort his child?I have no objection to the show per se but in very soon,like films,even TV will not remain an entertainment for the FAMILY.
I also realise it is difficult to stop such shows because now it is the big industrial houses that have got into TV business and they know how well to handle the Govt. and how to interpret the policy.As for the Govt. is concerned-please don't take their words seriously.They will keep talking and keep issuing statements until the show is over and until the show organisers play games with the Govt.Cheers

Dhiman July 28, 2009  

SM I agree with you we start becoming judgmental about everything.... come on the participant are all adults and very well know the kind of questions maybe faced by them so they participate and who are we to think that its embarrassing for the participant. If its so why do they participate? ...If its so then why we don't say anything about other show which asks "what % of Indians do this do that "including some very demeaning questions...because its a star-studded show....
Its a pity that we elect MPs for such nonsense stuff when we have so many more important issues at hand like you mentioned clean water etc...

Anonymous,  July 28, 2009  

I agree with you, in fact in Left Right & Centre on NDTV 24X7, Rajeen Khandelwal asked what message does this program convey, he asked if after watching the programme a man would be encouraged to have an illegitimate child... in fact the programme might make such people think twice.
But I also think it is like washing your dirty linen in public, only thing is nobody is forcing these people and so long as there is no force to confess or to watch the confession, I see no point in considering a ban, all this banning talk is only giving the show a lot of free publicity.

sm,  July 29, 2009  

Bk if we oppose this tv show ,then i feel on television hardly there is any show which is not obscene.
Its there choice to speak on tv and there are viewers who want to see it let them see it, its in the hands of parents to decide which show to watch.
About the questions they know what will be asked when parents and sisters and wives of participant do not have any objection i do not think we have right to stop them.
I support full freedom of speech.let them speak what they want and let the people see what they want.
I do not support the wastage of time made by our Mps and media on this foolish issue.
here studants are not getting admission, mps are doing corruption in every project,this issues should be shown 24 hours on tv and we do not need to discuss such sach ka samna shows 24 hours on tv is it good or not good.its there freedom let them do what they want and if we do not want to see that show there are other good shows also on the same time slot on other channles.

sm,  July 29, 2009  

Dhiman i agree with you that we elect such politicians its pity.

jamos jhalla July 29, 2009  

truth is always bitter , a human becomes pure only when he accepts his guilt very well said
Apart from this quote i would like to draw your attention towards the present era of FIXING.so my dear such shows must be taken as source of entertainment.

sm,  July 31, 2009  

indianhomemaker i agree with you its just giving it free publicity.

sm,  July 31, 2009  

jamos yes you are right we have to see it as tv serial just a another timepass.

Rambler August 04, 2009  

I wonder why everybody is making such a fuss about the show. If you think its inappropriate then simply change the channel! If people are willing to bare all their secrets on T.V. and hurt family/friends, then its their choice. Why should the show be banned!

sm,  August 05, 2009  

Rambler i agree with you.

Anonymous,  September 25, 2009  

I like your take on it. The comparison with everyone who gives to god for success is bang on!

sm,  September 25, 2009