10 July 2009

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Link Between Food and Sex

Link between Food and Sex

For survival of humans many things are required like water, food, shelter as well as sex.
Humans have got ability to do sex for creation as well as pleasure.
Here I am just trying to understand how food and sex go hand in hand.

In India it’s said that a way to male’s heart goes through his stomach.
In olden times and now also in many homes ability of a girl to cook is seen before her marriage.

Art of cooking that is food making has as much as importance in human life as much sex and money.
Food and sex is closely linked with each other.

Good food equals to good sex.
Through out of the history of human race if you will try and look, you will find that males look for the beauty of females, beauty includes her capacity to produce the correct word will be I think fertility indications, the art of food making, Normally females look for the male with resources who can take care of her kids, male may be attractive but if he has no resources then females may have sex with him, but when the right time will come a female will choose a male who got resources to raise her kids.
Now days also food plays a very important part in the society.
Boy and Girl meet, first time they may go to tea shop or coffee shop.
If both find each other interesting second stage will be they will go on a date to the disco or hotel, or pizza hut and will try to understand each other.
Next stage will be the guy will ask her for full dinner or candle light dinner in the hotel which will show seriousness of the boy and girl that both are interested in each other.
After this most important stage will come
The girl will ask the boy to visit her home for the meal with her family. So she can introduce him to her family members, her parents.
Everyone knows the importance of this meal, meal is just a reason, the truth is that the family of girl wants to know the character of boy, his every action is closely watched by the family of girl as well as boy also gets to know the family members and the culture of the family.
After this marriage may be result and again marriage lunch is there, girls first cooking at the new home. The girls’ cooking is watched by her mother in law and all the other family members. Food is so important in the human life, so if we say food and sex go hand in hand will it be wrong.

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BK Chowla, July 10, 2009  

Yes,it is a forgone conclusion.During changing trends,the type of food has changed.And now,it is the prospective couple who introduce their respective parents to each other.

AnjuGandhi July 10, 2009  

nice analysis and conclusion.
never thought in these lines.
also sex can not be enjoyed on an empty stomach

Vipul Grover July 10, 2009  

well, Abraham Maslow clubbed food and sex together in his need hierarchy pyramid, as the physiological or the most basic needs of humans. I think that sums it all. Nice analysis nevertheless, especially the stages of courtship!

sm,  July 12, 2009  

BK yes are right on that.

sm,  July 12, 2009  

AnjuG,yes ty

ramesh sadasivam July 13, 2009  

Food and Sex are Closely related. Very True.

Going by the science of Kundalini, the chakras related to food and sex are very close to each other. Below the navel region.

Thoughtful Blog.

ramesh sadasivam July 13, 2009  

And sm one more thing, I have used your idea in my problem. I will write about it in my blog very soon. Thanks.

sm,  July 14, 2009  

shriramesh sadasivam thanks for visit.Please let me know the link when you post it so i can also read the post.

sm,  July 14, 2009  

Vipul thanks

sm,  July 14, 2009  

Prajatantra thanks.

Anonymous,  July 16, 2009  

Interesting viewpoint. I'm not quite optimistic abt golden political reforms either, but let's just hope the Indian woman's definition soon goes beyond the mere household.

sm,  July 17, 2009  

theishu thanks