14 July 2009

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India: Bomb is clicking Population Bomb

India: Bomb is clicking Population Bomb

According to population projections released by the
United Nations India's population is projected to peak at 1.718 billion in 2060
Before 2025 India will have more population compare to China.

In 2025 Population of China will be 1.395 billion people.
By the turn of Century Population of India will be almost double that of China.
At the turn of the century, the world will have 10.1 billion people.
On October 31 this year, the world will have its seven billionth person

Very few people in India think on this, the one of the root cause of all problems in India is Uncontrolled Population Growth.

Somewhere I read that in the year 2025 India will beat china in the population.

Any political party may come into the power, it may promise you and show you dreams of heaven but reality is that It is foolish to think and expect that Indian government can provide us Decent standard of living in next 100 years.

There is problem of drinking water, sanitation, housing, health care, infrastructure many more .
2nd biggest problem which Indian government is ignoring is relation of population and job creation.

When government of India and Indian industry creates 1 job, and to get that job
500 boys and girls are standing , may be today 100 boys and girls are standing to get this job, in this also you will find 50 boys and girls are with more than 90% score.

In this case if our population is not controlled now you can imagine a day after 25 years that for each job minimum 1000 boys and girls are in line, what this 999 boys and girls will do , this ratio is of only for one job.

I feel that out of this 25% will become criminals, few will become hardcore criminals or will join terror group as for them there is no job after scoring more than 90% marks.
In there graduation studies.

Today many Indians are settling abroad, but after 25 years or 50 years this process will also stop.

Reason will be European and American governments will make it very tough for outsiders to get there citizenship.

More population means more water use. Groundwater levels will be used so rapidly that nature will not replace it .Nature will fail. Reason will be human population.

The forest will be cut rapidly, trees will be cut without any reasoning, and it will bring drought and other problems ,will give rise to the problem of global warming.

As population will increase, the tensions between the states will rise, states will fight who will get more money from central, the states will have to the make the laws which will prohibit other people to join the jobs of other states.

States will bring more and more reservation for local people in all the industry, which very slowly will move the India towards division of India and civil war. People are not realizing the problem. One day the result will be- riots, fighting over food, water and petty reasons.

More population means more scope for corruption. This is reason India will never see end of poverty. Today also if you compare American or European poverty line you will find that 85% Indians are living below poverty line as per American or European standards of Germany and America.

People will start to say India has more population and India contributes less towards Global warming.

But my question is does west told you to produce so many people, so comparing population with global warming is totally wrong.

Today our contribution in this problem is less because we don’t have electricity in every home. We don’t have food to give to all the people. We don’t have schools for children.
Our Indian schools are still held under a tree, where when there is a rain, the school master says students today is holiday go home.

Rain means holiday for students. Even cities have to face electricity problem.
If you will compare India is just 1/3 size of America, but population is more than 1 billion.
From 1950, Indian government is trying to control population but results are magical
Population is increasing day by day.

Sometimes I think its duty of population control department to see that there is no population control hope its wrong thinking.

After reading this I am sure you will say last few years there is decrease in the population growth, Yes I agree with that , but this decrease happened because of late marriage ,
Rising ratio of Unmarried people, educated people using policy of 1 kid etc.

This population decrease is not permanent, its like interest rate on the loan is reduced but loan is remaining and this interest rate will increase any time. This population decrease has not happen because of any government policy.

To quote Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University: “Suppose, over the next thirty to thirty-five years, India’s average completed family size dropped from the 1990 level of about 4.3 to 2.4 (replacement level) and remained there, and death rates didn’t rise.

India’s population would continue to grow for almost a century, and when it stopped there would be about 2 billion Indians - as many people living in that one nation as populated the entire planet in 1930!”

Majority Indians just take birth and spend there life just to get essentials of life.
They never get a chance to celebrate a human life, enjoy the human life. People say we got abundance of love, compassion but don’t forget that there are limits of the nature, money, Natural resources are limited.

Now a days very proudly majority Indians say we are young nation but be aware future is not rosy, population bomb is tickling.

After 50 years India will not remain a country where humans can survive happily and peacefully. There will be no peace and safety. Reason population problem.

Mr. President Obama and other world leaders don’t ignore this Indian population problem, We as Indians will suffer but this earth will also suffer, and when this earth will suffer; your nation will also suffer.


1 India, 1,628m (2)

2 China, 1,437m (1)

3 United States, 420m (3)

4 Indonesia, 308m (4)

5 Nigeria, 307m (9)

Source: PRB (2004 position in brackets)

How we Indians can deal and solve the population problem of India
Few Suggestions:

Free and compulsory education for the females up to age 18

No Government job if have more than 1 or 2 kids.

No right to contest any election private or public election if have more than 2 kids.

Killing of female child in the mothers womb should be treated as murder and the family be charged for this murder along with doctor and hospital management.

Special taxes and fines if have more than 2 kids.

Reservation benefit should be given to the families who have only 2 kids.

The poor families who agree to have 2 kids only should be given government job.

The companies like Infosys wipro and Tata should make a rule that every employee has to sign a document that he will not have more than 2 kids otherwise his job will be terminated. After this other companies and government companies will also follow the same .

Like this we can make many laws , but I don’t see any willingness of any political party
To do anything to control population of India.

For a political party ,more population means more beggars ,more corruption,
More votes from uneducated population, show them fear ,give them one time food or a bottle of drug and they will vote for you and never demand accountability from the political leaders , when one is hungry and jobless and without education
Do you think he can dream of good life or he will only dream of bread and water .

democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and decency cannot survive it.
As you put more and more people into the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears.
It doesn't matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less one individual matters.

Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, maybe we should control the population to ensure the survival of our environment.

We must alert and organise the world's people to pressure world leaders to take specific steps to solve the two root causes of our environmental crises - exploding population growth and wasteful consumption of irreplaceable resources. Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today.

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Reality Views by sm


AnjuGandhi July 14, 2009  

u r right. root cause of all teh problems is population, moe people, less oppouruntities, more family members to feed, less money leads to corruption, which further leads to other problems and the person with money wins etc etc
if strict measures are taken to punish the peole who have more than 2 children and incentive is given to the ones who have only one child then growth can be stopped upto a limit

Dhiman July 14, 2009  

Only this weekend I was looking into the population India for some assignment of my niece's school project and was thinking about the amount of people who live in this country....
U are absolutely right most of the problems India is facing is due to excessive population....
And our honorable Minister for Health has suggested to provide electricity to all the villages and provide TV to every household so that people can watch TV till late night instead of producing babies ...How hypocritical theory I feel this is the problem...no politician wants to solve the issue .....You are right how will they get the vote bank then...

sm,  July 14, 2009  

AnjuG, yes thanks you are right it can be stopeed upto limit

sm,  July 14, 2009  

Dhiman i agree with you. I Feel those type of comments like tv and babies are publicity stunts so i didnt mention it as it has no value and no scope,even media should not publicise those political comments.
when there is no electricity how can one dream of tv,when there is no capacity or machins to produce electricity how its possible its totally foolish thought.its good you mention that thanks.

Anonymous,  July 14, 2009  

This is scary and sad but so glaringly true!

Prasant Naidu. July 15, 2009  

Well as you said that it's a grave concern and the states fighting with each other is quite evident. I have read all your remedies to control but i am not with reservation for people who have 2 kids(dude we already have huge reservation, why more ?)More incentive and govt help with 2 kids will be a hit package but i am not sure how much the govt is ready to spend on these initiatives.
You have to increase the education levels but then age old traditions and beliefs are going to hold strong.

It's a concern like global warming that is slowly taking a giant shape.

Keep Rocking,

BK Chowla, July 15, 2009  

Normally.oe could justify by saying one mouth per two hands.But I agree with you,unless corrective steps are not taken,we could be in serious situation.The country ,at the moment,is surrounded by multiple problems that population is not an issue for the people in general.For those in power,there never is a problem so long as they are OK with their business of politics-corruption etc.

sm,  July 16, 2009  

Prashant thanks for reading and comments.
But let me clarify the point , Reservation benefit should be given to the families who have only 2 kids. This implies that if you have more than 2 kids you are not qualified to claim any type of reservation then you may belong to any caste or religion or catagory.
To claim the reservation 2 kids norm should be compulsory, if you got more than 2 kids you are disqualifed to claim any reservation, you are disqualifed to contest elections, you are disqualifed to try and give government exmas and join government jobs like IPS and IAS or any other job.government implies state or central.

sm,  July 16, 2009  

BK thanks yes we need corrective measures with implimentation.

sm,  July 16, 2009  

i support only economic reservation, i do not support any type of reservation which is based on the caste,religion.

Prasant Naidu. July 16, 2009  

Dude thanks for ur reply. I get your idea now but sorry to say population control by govt is to show some add on tv/use of condom and some mere stuffs like this. Infact i am speechless after listing Mr. Azad's comments on population check. He recommends couples to watch late night tv shows and reality shows so that they can avoid sex. Now i have a point here is night the only time to have sex. I am speechless :)

One thing for sure your blog is quite informative and i love the way you take the pain to collaborate it and present it to us.

Keep Rocking,

ramesh sadasivam July 16, 2009  

Population is disastrous.
Unfocused population is catastrophic.
India has both.

sm,  July 16, 2009  

Prashant,thanks yes i agree with you on the government policy.
I dont see there is any will by any political party to deal with this problem

Apurva July 17, 2009  

educating all girls through age 18 for free and really driving up literacy rates of females will be very important...Shashi Tharoor has stated that is the number 1 thing a country like India can do to improve. Also, for first time in US in recent years, the visa quota for skilled immigrants-- more a function of the economy but US will continue to need skilled immigrants in the tech sector for some time. Technical skills are still a gap and the population of the US is aging (as is Europe and Japan)-- In 2020, avg age in India is estimated to be 29, in China 37, in US 37, in W. Europe 45, in Japan 48, which should keep immigration demand high in those countries for skilled young Indians, but also would be a continued opportunity for India to serve those markets with engineering services in India.

sm,  July 17, 2009  

Shri Ramesh sadasivan

sm,  July 18, 2009  

apurva thanks its good that you are hopeful about future.

BeingGirl April 22, 2014  

Superb.........Simply superb...We share the same thought..!! India should adopt a NO CHILD POLICY..Only and only this can help....
One child Policy means only SON..SON...SON.....