10 June 2009

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Obama Says No to Bangalore, No to Outsourcing

Reality Views by sm:
Obama Says No to Bangalore, No to Outsourcing
Say no to Bangalore, yes to Buffalo: Obama
Before American elections President Obama has promised that he will create more jobs in America.
Now he is trying to do that.
Until now American companies which outsourced the work to the Asian countries like India and other nations, enjoyed tax benefits, incentives in America.
Now President Obama has declared that these incentives, benefits will not be enjoyed by these companies who outsource work to other nations.
This step is good for American citizens; it’s the duty of President Obama to see that
American jobs stay with American people.
Now here our Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh has to deal with this problem very skillfully.
How he can deal with this problem?

Solution is that our finance minister should declare that these companies will get more benefits in India.
2nd Indian finance minister and prime minister should declare that all the USA companies who shift there businesses to India will get 100% tax exemption for next 25 years.
Do you think our political leaders will counter attack positively to this problem or they will do sweet talking without dealing with this problem?
When we Indians will learn to fight other nations positively.
It’s good to see that President Obama is working for the good of American people.
Hope our political parties will learn something from President Obama.
President Obama has already started to copy Indian politicians so lets see, can president obama implement this rule, law.
I hope he implements new taxation system in USA which will be eye opener for Indian politicians as well as people of India who didn’t voted in the elections.
Hope Indian politicians will accept this challenge positively.


nikki,  June 10, 2009  

excellent i agree with you

Nilavan June 10, 2009  

No one can beat bangalore. bangalore will grow more.

Anonymous,  June 10, 2009  

tax breaks for the next 25yrs for the US companies which jobs in India ?

25 yrs is a looooong period ! ... anything can happen in that time frame ... even the technology which with business is done can change !

sm,  June 11, 2009  

nilavan yes sure good that to know that you are also thinking positively

sm,  June 11, 2009  

vamsi 25 years nothing , indian females and males are capable to achive success at any work they just need a chance.
Let technology change ,indians will change,political parites will not change but we will change and try and see that they also change.

jamos jhalla June 11, 2009  

by creating a BUFFALOW in INDIA itself

Unknown June 12, 2009  

good blog dude.thanks for commenting.

Anonymous,  June 13, 2009  

Very interesting point! Maybe 5 years aka our five year plans will suffice. But then again who keeps their word in the future!!!:)

Hemal June 13, 2009  

Hey, that will never surprise me! After all, every body in this world is so jelous with the progress India is making that they tend to make things murkier! When US backed WTO can ask India to leave things for a level playing field for every one, why does they now have to go and think like a communist?

Obama is certainly bringing in the Change!

sm,  June 21, 2009  

Hemal yes i agree with you, but my pain is that 70% indians have nearly zero progress.