12 June 2009

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10th Exams Passed Know Should you join Science or Commerce ?

10th Exams Passed Know Should you join Science or Commerce?

Reality Views by sm:

What after SSC, 10th Standard - Science or Commerce or Arts:

After passing this examination of SSC every parent and every student has to face this problem, to which stream he should join Science or Commerce or Arts.

This is the most important decision in the life of every student.

As his future depends on this decision, this decision decides Will he becomes Doctor or Engineer or Chartered Accountant or Lawyer.

Majority parents or students do not know what will be the consequences of studying in Arts stream or commerce stream or what will be the benefits of joining science stream after passing 10th exams.

First of all let me make it clear there is no big difference between commerce and arts stream.
So here choice is between Commerce and Science.

Case one:
After passing the exams of 10th standard suppose a student takes an admission to the science line .
He chooses to study 11th science in collage.
So again this student has to study 12th science and then he has to take a most important decision of his life .A career he has to fix for himself.
Now  he has  passed the exams of 12th science so which courses he can join.

Science student can join
1. Bsc - Bachelor of Science
2. BE - Bachelor of Engineering
3. MBBS 

Above are the main courses he can join. But after studying Bsc he can get admission to the chartered accountant course.Science student can become lawyer.
In short a science student can easily jump into the territory of commerce and art courses very easily. As per my information if science student wants he can change his stream, line very easily. 

After studying Bsc if student feels that he likes accountancy he can easily become chartered account, or he can study MBA with finance.

For information technology courses in India The eligibility to join a degree courses is that one should have passed 12th in the science stream with Physics, Math’s and Chemistry as subjects.
Example is MCA - master of computer application

Case 2 - student joins commerce or arts line.

Once student joins 11th commerce, he will pass the 12th commerce line also.
Now this student who has passed 12th Commerce what he can do which courses he can join?

He has to do Bcom; He can join CA or ICWA or CS courses.

After passing Bcom becoming commerce or arts graduate this collage graduates 

Like science students , Commerce students cannot change their commerce line , they can not jump into science line courses.

12th science student can easily join Courses which 12th commerce student can join. 

In simple terms I will say science student keeps his all career options open but as soon as one chooses to become commerce student he starts to close his career options 

Example is he can not become Bsc, but science student can become Bcom.

This is very important in the once life because your graduation degree makes you eligible for the jobs .Graduation degree decides the scope and demand.

For this one has to decide after 10th standard exams. This is the time when a student decides will he join commerce or arts or science stream.

So I will advice to all the students who do not know which line to join, who are confused, whose parents are confused should join the science line.

Because any time when he gets enlighten about his career he can shift to commerce line.

Just look around and you will see in majority banks, Bsc students are working as accountants and managers. 

Many Chartered accounts have Bsc as a graduation degree.

Many Mbbs doctors who are born with spoon even join law.

So if you are confused join Science line.

Most important thing is every student has same intelligence, but once desire, environment, dreams, hard work make it a difference. 


Dhiman June 12, 2009  

You have said it absolutely right ...Science is the best option a child in plus two. As they can switch to any stream later on if they can't cope up with pressure.... infact some of my friends exactly did that...

tushar dasgupta June 12, 2009  

i think this is completely the game of confidence within us and our home atmosphere+ motivation from our parents

preposterous girl June 12, 2009  

Well I firmly believe subjects should be chosen on one's own interest and not under parental pressure or just because any particular profession is very lucrative financially..
Student should start finding his interst as early as possible..
No doubt a student can change his stream later on ,but then it has its own disadvantages as well like whenever u face interview panel student is always taken as a confused personality in the interviewer's eye.....
And besides I think u cant just rate science as a better subject or more fruitful over commerce or arts..
SM, generally ur posts are very informative and i have benefitted from it many times but I think this post can create confusion in student's minds regarding commerce and arts subject's scope..

sm,  June 12, 2009  

dhiman ty yes you got the point .

sm,  June 12, 2009  

tushar i agree with you

sm,  June 12, 2009  

preposterous girl, ty This post i have written for the studants who are confused, who dont know what they want to become in future, whose parents are confused ,child is intelligent but there is darkness so this boys and girls can study for 2 years science line or next 1 year science line and after 11th science if they feel they like accountancy or arts they can join 12th commerce line .
but the studant in a confusion if joins 11th commerce and then after 1 year studying 11th commerce or arts he will not be able to join the science line it will be to difficult for him to compete with others.
I am not saying science is best all streams are good ,but my aim is that studant should know that what will happen if without thinking he joins commerce stream and arts stream .and what will happen after studying 11th science he can immidiately shift to 12th commerce line .
After becoming science graduate also he can join the professions of commerce graduates.
In the end everything depends on right decesion on the right time ,with hard work and good guidance,honesty with your studies will show you the path of success.
The aim of article is that if you are confused studant go for science line ,if you know and sure about your career then do that .Science does not give you guarantee of job neither other streams.

sm,  June 12, 2009  

preposterous girl more one point you have rightly said that Student should start finding his interst as early as possible.i agree with you,but few years back there was survey in that survey they found that mejority studants study become graduate in one line and do the job in another line.Mejority studants just study without knowing and finding there liking.After becoming graduate they understand what they wanted to study and what they have studied.Now a days this is changing as many television stations have good educational programmes.

BK Chowla, June 13, 2009  

It is a matter of attitude,aptitude,confidence and will to succeed in an area of interest.One should take a decisionwith heaert and not with mind.

Everymatter June 13, 2009  

lines must be selected depending on the talent of the student, if he is not able to match & maintain himself in science and loose his self confidence and take some wrong steps like some suicide cases happens

So line should be acording to the ability of candidate

Meghana June 18, 2009  

I believe today is the world of competition whichever stream one opts for,you have to be outstanding in that field.No place for medico res!

I myself opted for commerce did my b.com & today working as a SAP consultant with a top IT company


sm,  June 18, 2009  

Meghana,i agree with you but question is if a person has Phd with Marathi,or Phd in arts topics how much he will earn.Its great that you have achived success as a sap consultant.Nothing is impossible one just needs will to dream and will to do hardwork.But suppose if you would have done BCS today you would have reached to the more heights than today .

Anonymous,  June 19, 2009  

A very relevant article. Hope many would find this post and make their decision process a bit easier.

Ankit,  June 19, 2009  

yes i think everyone should read this post.

sm,  June 21, 2009  

Bk i agree with you

sm,  June 21, 2009  

theishu ty

Anonymous,  June 27, 2009  

after learning science stream with all hard-work after 12th...wats the use of taking courses of commerce......instead they could go for MBBs or engineering
its seriously foolishness

sm,  June 27, 2009  

anonmous,you missed the point,the point is that after studying 12th commerce you can get admission to science courses.
but if you will study science the the doors of commerce line open for you after studying 12th science also.
thanks for reading the post.

sm,  June 28, 2009  

anonmous correction, after 12h commerce you can not become BSC or join the science line.
But after studying 12th science you can join commerce line.

Anonymous,  July 21, 2009  

can you all please me? I am 12th std student in commerce and I hate studying this. It was due to parental pressure that I took this up and i know I am hating every minute of this. The problem here has two fronts, the first that now shifting to science is very much impossible and that I am very confused now if I should give my boards again after my boards in commerce? As this will add another year to my studies without there being any firm chances of success.
Please help me!

sm,  July 21, 2009  

Anonymous, thanks for putting your question?
i suppose that this year you will be giving your 12th commerce exams?
and you do not want to do Bcom ?
Do you like computers ?
Are you sure what you like please let me know ?
I will suggest you currently you study for your 12th commerce line.Do hard work and try to pass the exams.
After passing 12th commerce, you can do BBA and i am sure that we will find the soultion its not difficult.
Stay in touch through comments, and if you want u can mail me also.

Anonymous,  July 21, 2009  

thanks a lot for the prompt reply. In any case I hope you understand that I want to do science. is there a way by which I can reappear for my boards? Or should I just carry on as it is? afterall CA is a very lucrative option. Please do reply. Thanks a lot anyways.! :)

sm,  July 21, 2009  

Anonymous,yes i understand your problem,but it is not worth to waste a one year, it will cost you one year salary.
what you want to do after science, do you want to do BSC or BE or MBBS.After doing BSC you have to do MBA ,after BE you have to do MBA.So be clear what you like.
yes CA is very good option it is as good as BE.
if you are 12 th commerce studant best option is while doing BCOM start your CA internship also. Many people will tell you do CS yes its good course ,but correct way is that BCOM,CA,MBA AND CS. If you do not pass the CA exams then decide to do MBA OR CS.
Remember if you will study hard you will surely earn money by doing CA or BE.
After all whatever people may say at the end money and salary matters.

Anonymous,  August 09, 2009  

thanks i feel much better now :)

sm,  August 10, 2009  

Anonymous thanks for visit.

Anonymous,  August 14, 2009  

I am

Anonymous,  August 16, 2009  

hey could anyone guide me what to do?
i had commerce withour maths in 10+2, after which i graduated in hotel management course nd ba was the degree i was awarded with. but i m still so much confused about my focus. could anyone guide me which line is most demanding these coming years, which has lots of wealth attached to it.

thanks, regards

sm,  August 17, 2009  

3 years graduation in hotel management ok
after doing this you are not interested in hotel management,and want to change the path
if you are serious then there are many ways you will get succes.
Please first think on this points and let me know
Are you sure you do not want to do higher stuides in hotel management?
Are you ready to study hard ,daily 3 to 5 hours if you change your path ?
What is the reason you want to change this line?
Mantra to earn money is nothing but
Right type of hard work at the right time and right place.
This is the time of your life you must decide
and move ahead,
There are many options open for you
let me know are you interested in management,computers, etc

Anonymous,  September 22, 2009  

thank you for such a nice advice .very very thankful

sm,  September 23, 2009  

thanks.Please keep visiting the blog.

sm,  November 02, 2009  

HRD ministry is thinking to start a new test for commerce students after 12th standard which will allow commerce students to change from commerce stream to science, currently science students can do it but commerce students can not.
Welcome step.

srividya November 15, 2009  

It is wrong to say that a science student can understand commerce and accounts after 2 years in science group. It grossly undervalues the work that students do for 2 years in commerce stream and get high marks.
Colleges who offer BCom give first preference to III group commerce students and only secondary choice to science students even if the science graduate had scored very high marks. More and more banks prefer employing BCom CA and Management graduates. It is wrong to think that students who do plus two in science can fare easily in BCom. In reality, the one who had taken commerce will be in a clear advantage always. I am not saying it is impossible. But these people are in a clear advantage. The science graduate will find himself secondary in quality.
I suggest that students who are confused should look at their marks. If they score high marks in science based subjects and can work in that area without boredom or despair, they can opt for science. If science and maths gives them indigestion, they should take Arts or Commerce. They will find the two years extremely rewarding and morale boosting plus the innumerable positions in managerial level will make their career very satisfying.
Take Maths physics biology, if you want to do Graduation in pharmacy,Agriculture, medicine etc.. Take Maths physics computer, if you want to be an engineer, scientist, software buff. Take commerce if you want to be a chartered accountant or bank officer. Take Arts if you want to do Law, social engineering/ social welfare or some such group even civil services.
I always find that students who had taken Non maths and just history, economics etc..fare superbly as language professors. While science graduates do not have this genius. They may score marks but there is something that they lack. It is the two years of plus two in school.
This blog is misinformed. The writer has written popular view without understanding the value of Arts and commerce subjects and the enormous role they play in moulding students.

sm,  November 15, 2009  

i will answer it in detail,but first i will tell you go and visit your nearest sbi or any bank and check that how many people are working there who are BSC graduate.
and other companies also.

sm,  November 16, 2009  

Please go and check in your neighborhood how many chartered accountants and company secretary has a graduation degree in science that is BSC.
BCOM students can not join MBBS, MCA any many other such professional degrees.
Many master degrees as well as professional degrees require Science at the 12th standard.
Science is very important
Currently companies do not see what is your graduation, companies look for what is your masters, are you MCA or MBA from IIM, IIPM or Symbosis etc
After doing BCOM you can not join MCA.
MCA requires minimum science in 12th standard, as a BCOM you got commerce in 12th this way your door are closed permanently for the professional degree of MCA.
On the other hand if you are BSC you can do any professional degree then it may be law or medicine or CA OR CS there is no restriction.
This article is written to tell students the importance of science stream, if you study commerce you are closing many doors and if you study science all the doors are always open for you.
For your information I will tell you banks prefer MBA than ICWA or CA.
Marks are nothing, Marks do not show intelligence, any student can score in India if he knows how to study, the method of studies.
If you visit again I hope you will read the full article.
Thank you for comment.

sm,  November 16, 2009  

For Air Force and Naval Wings of National Defence Academy and for the 10+2 (Executive Branch) Course at the Naval Academy :- 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equilvalent with Physics and Mathematics conducted by a State Education Board or a University.
So you need Science or your door is closed.

Anonymous,  December 02, 2009  

I hate commerce! I made a mistake it stinks i will not be able to discover anything for the world! noooooooooooooooo

sm,  December 04, 2009  

nothing is finished complete your studies in BCOM and from today start to study towards CA exams as well as start to study for the IIM exams. No one will tell you , but please start your studies Now for IIM exams.

Anonymous,  April 05, 2010  

thanx...this post will help me a lot.

Anonymous,  May 02, 2010  

gr8.....thank you so much.....................
its absolutely right that a student should choose his\her career by himself but not in pressure.
this post has helped me a lot after all i also passed my slc this year and was confused that should i take after slc.

sm,  May 03, 2010  


tejasv,  June 02, 2010  

im a 10th pass
im confused between science and arts
a want to do my future somewhere in the line of music. can u help me.

sm,  June 02, 2010  

Regarding music as a career be careful.
Just think on following question.
Does your family has a back ground in music ?
Last how many years you are learning music like classical music or singing etc.
Do you know how to play any musical instruments ?
Do you like traveling
if all the answers are No. then i will suggest you develop music as the hobby.

About science or arts ?
may i know why you want to study in arts ?

about your 2nd question i will answer you later
Arts or science ?
This is the question of life and i do not want to confuse you , so i will be happy if you can share why you want to join arts ?
about music i ask you few questions so think on that ?
if you are learning to play instruments you can share with me
Thanks i will wait for your answer.
and give you reply in details.

Anonymous,  June 19, 2010  

yuk.......it hasn't helped me yet

sm,  June 20, 2010  


rafi September 15, 2010  

i am Rafi i am 10th pass student. i am total
confused,& take rong desceion i am take that
group c.e.c.in 12class i am not syatisfide
That group but i am com..... inter this time
i am degree student i am intrasted medical science so i am live degree,& take science,
so can u help meeeeeeeeeee........

sm,  September 15, 2010  

please be clear about your question.
and ask again.

Antara Nandy December 15, 2010  
This comment has been removed by the author.
sm,  December 15, 2010  

Antara Nandy,,
Please give me 2 or 3 days to answer your questions.
thanks for asking.

Antara Nandy December 15, 2010  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous,  April 08, 2011  


sm,  April 08, 2011  

if you are in 10th std go for science in 11th.its very difficult to guide.
Ask you elders ,discuss with them.

Anonymous,  June 03, 2011  

hey can u plz help me out
my brother passed 10th this year and he didn't got enough good % ........now thinking about his career may parents want him to opt for science but i don think he is eligible for such hard work for science and also not mature enough by himself to decide any thing i am very tensed about his future

Anonymous,  September 26, 2011  

I think that all ofyou are.followiny a very orthodox image. so tell me one.thing...
doig well in scienceisnot everybodys.cup of tea.and by doing well, i mean 95% min..which is infact.the general reqd.% to get into a good college.
so are you guys prepared to tell.me that if a student puts in the same amount of hardwork in commerce if.he would have donein science, he.wouldnt.score much much better.in the.commerce stream?
summing up this.while thing, if the amount of.hardwork ,time.andenergy is.te sAme.as.a.science student,.isnt it better.to EXCEL in commerce rather than just be.ONE IN MANY in the science.stream?

sm,  September 27, 2011  

Regarding your brother talk with him have a family together discus it and meet his teacher and decide it.

Anonymous,  April 14, 2012  

i am very much confused..! i am a student of class 11th and have already opted for science.. but my thought divides when look at the glowing faces of commerce students.. they said they have wider and greater scope.. moreover i am confused about my career.. i love mathematics and wish to have mathematics honors via university of delhi.. please advice me well..!!

Russell October 26, 2012  

Bk i agree with you

Michelle Abramovitch October 30, 2012  

thanks i feel much better now :)

riya patel January 15, 2018  

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