16 June 2009

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Lets Start Journey Towards Happiness:

Reality Views by sm

Lets Start Journey Towards Happiness:
What is happiness?
Happiness is not like your Television set which you can see.
You can see the sugar pill which gives you sweetness but you can not see the sweetness of that pill .The sweetness is the feeling which your mind gives you.
The same principal applies to the Happiness, Happiness comes within.
One should choose the happiness, He has to instruct his mind to be happy and respond positively to all the failures and mistakes.

Other people can not make you unhappy, it’s in your hand and mind to be happy or unhappy .If you respond positively you will be happy how much others try to make you unhappy.
If you will think to damage others, it will first damage your own body.
The more happiness you spread more happiness you will receive.
It’s same with love, more you will give more you will receive.
But the problem is that everyone tries to become king indirectly and wants that everyone should obey them, listen them, they start to feel and behave that they are most intelligent without giving others a chance to reason with you.
So first of all Learn to respect others .Learn to listen to others, make a debate with them if your friend is right accept it willingly, give him compliment but normally what happiness is that when people see that they are wrong they start to fight and shout loudly to distract the attention, to evoke fight with a friend which will stop them from accepting the truth that in that particular matter your friend is right.
2nd point is one should learn to be happy with, what he got, he should not worry about that he don’t own a car .On the other hand he should work hard and study and see that how in future he can purchase a car .He should guide others young boys and girls how they can improve there life .One should share the experience it will also give you happiness.
Sharing experience means in the past if you have made a mistake and from that mistake you learned something you should share that knowledge and see that other friends do not suffer and do the same mistake.
When you know there is a banana and if your friend or his son if goes from that path he will fall, you should stop him, you should advice him to be careful.
Nothing is constant in life, life means change and change means life.
Its you, you have to decide to stay happy, happiness should be a way of life.
Start to help others and you will get the happiness.
If you are not rich you should accept that you have not studied well in the school and collage is the reason you are not rich, so you should see that other young kids can study and become rich.
Above is just one example
Learn to live in present day, do not worry about future and do not cry about your past.
If you want to think about future then think positively and do not just think, act on it.
Majority people just keep thinking and dreaming without any actions.
Change the way how you think, Change the way how you act when your friend or neighbor is right or wrong .Learn to accept that we are all equal humans.
Today you may be right, tomorrow other person may be right .Its human nature to make mistakes. This is the reason try and sees that others do not make mistakes which you made and suffered.
Start to think that I will stay happy and I will see that others also stay happy around me.
Don’t keep thinking that your friend got car, your neighbor got car and you don’t have the car. Its there hard work that is paying them .To be rich one has to act correctly on the correct times .One should be present at the moment with everything ready to become rich.
This is where experience is required so learn to listen friends and everyone .More you ask the people less mistakes you will commit .More you help the people more happiness you will receive.
Happiness is like give and take .If you will give today happiness to someone he may not give you happiness immediately but in future one day that same person will give you abundance of happiness when you will really need it .When your all the doors will be closed ,that same person will come and open the doors for you .
If you think Rich people are happy ,On the outside they look happy but majority are unhappy inside there heart and mind .Because happiness is not related with money and luxury items .If you think happiness lies in a big car , when you will purchase the big car ,you will find that still you are unhappy because your mind and thinking has already told you ,your friend has a aero plane and you don’t have a aero plane for this there is no end and you will stay unhappy always .Happiness is inside your thinking and how you behave with others . If you got two wheeler you don’t have to unhappy that you don’t have a car,
On the other hand you should think that your two wheeler is earned from the hard work and honesty and you will do more hard work and save the money and one day you will purchase the car .You should not think that you don’t own the car and become unhappy.
Remember when you will get the car; you will want aero plane .This is life.
Life wants more and more there is no end.
Even after our death one wants more, he wants to be burned in the sandalwood.
Burning the sandalwood will it give him pleasure? What pleasure when your brain has stopped thinking .But its human habit to worry about future and cry about past .This is one of the reasons after death also humans wish to be burned in sandalwood.
So just spread the happiness and happiness will come to you automatically.
Try to grow the tree of happiness.
What is the meaning of happiness tree?
Make a habit to make a daily one person happy .Even you can give one candy to a small kid he will be happy .Try to develop the habit to make others happy without the wish of return .The moment you will bring the thought what I will get by helping him ,you will end up becoming unhappy.
If you are feeding hungry man, how you can expect tomorrow he should feed you.
But this feeding will not go waste. That person will one day help you whenever he gets a chance .Even give a bread to a dog and he can save your home one day.
After all we are all humans, everyone wants to be happy, so try to make others happy and automatically you will become happy .Making others happy does not mean you give your all money to others and become beggar .Making others happy means caring for others, saving others from mistakes, showing them the ways of progress .Spreading the knowledge as much as possible .If some one is hungry showing him the way so he can do hard work and earn him his daily bread.
So start to sow the seeds of happiness tree and you will find yourself in the happy mood always with or without the money .As tree of happiness will grow day by day it will give you fruits of happiness forever.


BK Chowla, June 17, 2009  

Happiness is a state of mind only.Also,it is like a rubber ball..it bounces back with same intensity it is thrown.Try it..it works.

sm,  June 18, 2009  

Bk yes i agree with you.

Everymatter June 18, 2009  

well written

really feeling of hearts

Ankit,  June 19, 2009  

came from search engine

Siddhesh Kabe June 19, 2009  

The blog is really nice...and i can see you are feeling happy writing it.

have a article on similar lines, you will love it!!


sm,  June 19, 2009  

everymatter ty

sm,  June 19, 2009  

Sid,thanks sure i will visit your blog and read the post.

Anonymous,  June 20, 2009  

You have touched almost every aspect of happiness in this post!
I really agree with the need to share stuff we know about. Very few people do that & they are the one's that are truly happy and confident in their success! :)

Dreaming Eyes June 21, 2009  

hi.....vry well said....:)

take care...

sm,  June 21, 2009  

dreaming eyes ty