25 June 2009

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France: Know the French Policy, Law towards Religion:

France: Know the French Policy, Law towards Religion:
Reality Views by sm:
In France law is divided into two groups private law and public law .Private law includes
Civil law and Criminal law.
Public law includes administrative law and constitutional law.
France does not recognize religious law. This means that a no law is made to make a religion book an authority. No law is derived from religious book.
In the year 1791 sodomy laws were abolished.

In France there you can see the equality of law, no particular religion can dominate France. All religions are equal in the eyes of law. In schools all religious symbols are banned including cross.

France is the smallest emitter of carbon dioxide among the seven most industrialized countries in the world.
France is a secular country as freedom of religion is a constitutional right.
In France concept of laïcité is followed. In English sometimes it is mentioned as
"Laicity" or "laicism".
This concept means that France is a secular society where religion will not interfere into government matters and policies. In other words we can say that its separation of church and state government. In schools religious influence is not allowed.
In France there is no state religion. Freedom of thought is respected as good as freedom of religion.
The French government is legally prohibited from recognizing any religion.
From the year 1880, this principal is followed in the France, the principal of laicity.
In France it is expected that a politician should not mix his religion with his duties.
From the year 1905, France government is forbidden to fund for any religion.
The French healthcare system was ranked first worldwide by the World Health Organization in 1997.
Care is generally free for people affected by chronic diseases.
Marianne is a symbol of the French Republic. She is an allegorical figure of liberty and the Republic and first appeared at the time of the French Revolution.
France National Flag: blue, white, red, the colours are those of Paris (blue and red) + royal (white) (1789)
France Anthem: the Marseillaise (1792)
France Motto: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".
France National day: Bastille Day =14th July (1789)
Symbols of Nazism, including 'mein kampf' and material questioning the extent of National Socialist crimes or praising its actions, are forbidden in France. The penalty is a prison sentence of up to one year, or a fine (the maximum is €46,000).


Tarun,  June 25, 2009  

good site lots of stuff

AnjuGandhi June 25, 2009  

very informative. i dint know about all that.

BK Chowla, June 25, 2009  

SM,I appreciate all the information.But,I have started to like Sarakozy.He is not a hypocrite like us.He has a mind of his own.

sm,  June 25, 2009  

anju thanks.

sm,  June 25, 2009  

BK Yes i agree with you.
“The time when you need to do something is when no one else is willing to do it, when people are saying it can't be done.”
This is waht President Sarkozy is doing.

dinesh,  June 28, 2009  

very informative. i dint know about all that.
good job