07 June 2009

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American Dominance :President Obama : Playing with the words ?

Reality Views by sm :
American Dominance :President Obama : Playing with the words ?
Never before this has happened .
Just think today they are doing sweet talking ,I my self feel that this sweet talking is equal to our Indian politicians saying that “ Hame Garibi Hatani Hai “ in English in translates as “ we have to remove poverty from India “ From last fifty years we Indians are hearing this from our politicians without working towards it .Other examples are electricity and clean water .
So like this just President Obama is doing sweet talking with Arab world .
sweet talking is dangerous for Indian citizens as well as American citizens .

Do you think Mr.Obama can go to Iran or other This Muslim countries and talk about female liberation ,education, and freedoms .
The speeches which he is currently giving just send a message that America will not interfere in the matters of Islam religion .
Obama before elections said that he will be very strict with the fund giving policy to Pakistan ,Those were the just words and now in reality we are seeing that Pakistan is still successfully black mailing USA .and getting funds from Obama administration
If I am wrong in the above statement I will be happier .What you think about that ?
Pakistan politicians have already said that terror organizations are mutual creation of America and Pakistan .
It’s very difficult to understand Muslim world and Muslim people of Iran ,Iraq, and other places ,there anger ,there frustration .
These speeches are sending message to American as well as Indian Muslim world also that
America will not interfere into there religious crimes or religious matters which may be against gender equality or education or other problems.
This will give rise to the Hindu Talibani organizations to become more active. The Muslim organizations will start to demand that American courts must follow Muslim law .like triple divorce on mobile etc .
This issue is more complicated ,just think what will happen when Muslim world will come to know that promises made by Mr. Obama are just promises.
After American terror attack ,President Bush acted rightfully and saw that there is no another attack on the America by terror organizations .
India has seen many terror attacks and our politicians how behaved and are dealing with this problem , we all know it same policy is used by President Obama ,sweet talking .
If this policy works then what is reason India is facing terror attacks one after another .
President Bush has created fear in the minds of terror organizations successfully but the speeches will remove that fear and this will encourage these terror organizations to attack USA 2nd time in the big way .
This time they will strike so heavily I can not explain it in words ,you can imagine it .
This is reason this sweet talking of President is very dangerous for American as well as Indian citizens .
Our friend Rambler has correctly said ,” Obama is a really good speaker. But will he match action with words, only time will tell...”
I agree with Bk also that he is trying to improve his popularity ,he will see that popularity is increasing but the day Muslim world knows that he had failed them what will happen .
To earn trust and credit one has to do hard work and social service for years but to lose that credit and respect just 1 second is enough .
There is more pain when one sees that promise is broken ,confidence is lost .
About Iraq problem I will say America won the Iraq but failed to show results .
About laden he is hiding ,he is not able to attack America 2nd time .
Whose policy is responsible for this ?
What would have happen if President Bush have not attacked but just have done sweet talking like Indian politicians .
To curb crime and terror sweet talking is not required ,it needs action and positive strict action .
We just hope that words and speeches result into actions .
These actions can be good for world or can be bad for the world .
These actions can help create democratic Muslim world or religious Muslim world .
These actions can help create Global Peace .