07 June 2009

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10 ways to become Rajya Sabha Member

10 ways to become Rajya Sabha Member :

Qualifications required to become Rajya Sabha Member – 
He or she should be a citizen of India.
Above 30 years of age and possessing such other qualifications as may be prescribed by law of Parliament. He or she should be mentally sound and should not be bankrupt

How to become Rajya Sabha member?

Following are the ten methods using which you can become the member of Rajya Sabha member that is upper house.

1. One should be rich

2. One should have friendship with politicians ,lok sabha members . As well as he should be rich .

3. One should be a film star who can attract o crowd whenever lok sabha members requires crowd at his speech .

4. One should be sweet tongue ,whatever happens he should not speak against Lok sabha members .

5. One should join IFS ,Indian Foreign Service while doing this job develop friendship with lower house members ,the party heads .

6. One should Join IAS or IFS if he is not having rich family background .

7. Try to marry into a politician family find a husband or wife from this family background .

8. Develop Friendship with Ruling as well as opposition party leaders and lower house members .Create Trust in them that whatever happens you will not go against them .

9. Contest lok sabha ,lower house elections you may be sure that you will lose election but one day this will help you become Upper house member .Contesting elections of lower house will give you name in the field of politics and will create and give you opportunities to be friend with elected lower house members .

10. If you are not born with gold spoon, become so rich that your kids can become upper house member .

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sm,  June 07, 2009  

Vinee ty.The above topic is suggest by vinee .

Indian Home Maker June 07, 2009  

LOL yes, very true!! Well written!

Everymatter June 08, 2009  

the real picture of our system

Ronak Jain June 09, 2009  

Nice Comments, Some of these are really true !!

Dhiman June 09, 2009  

Alongwith what you have rightly said it is the 'back' door for the parties to get their candidates who 'lost' the election into parliament or the Cabinet itself :)

jamos jhalla June 09, 2009  

raajya sabhaa and vidhaan parishad both are houses for indian LORDS.apart from this governor houses are also alotted to MY man

Anonymous,  December 11, 2012  

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