21 April 2009

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India: More analysis on caste system

India: More analysis on caste system:

The effect of caste on the ethics of the Hindus is simply deplorable.
Caste hasKilled public spirit. Caste has destroyed the sense of public charity.
Caste hasMade public opinion impossible.

A Hindu's public is his caste.
His responsibility is Only to his caste. His loyalty is restricted only to his caste.

Virtue has become Caste-ridden and morality has become, caste-bound.

There is no sympathy to the Deserving.

There is no appreciation of the meritorious.

There is no charity to the Needy.

Suffering as such calls for no response.

There is charity but it begins with The caste and ends with the caste.

Would a Hindu acknowledge and follow the leadership of a great and good Man?
The case of a Mahatma apart, the answer must be that he will follow a Leader if he is a man of his caste.

A Brahmin will follow a leader only if he is a Brahmin,
a Kayastha if he is a Kayastha and so on.
The capacity to appreciate A merit in a man apart from his caste does not exist in a Hindu.
There is Appreciation of virtue but only when the man is a fellow caste-man.
The whole Morality is as bad as tribal morality.

My caste-man, right or wrong; my caste-man, Good or bad.
It is not a case of standing by virtue and not standing by vice.
It is a Case of standing or not standing by the caste.
Have not Hindus committed Treason against their country in the interests of their caste?

But in last 50 years we are progressing but speed slower than the speed of ants walking, but we Indians are changing.

The caste system comes always whenever we talk about progress of India.

Currently you can see in elections, how caste and religion both are used by Political parties. The population in election ward is Muslim then the candidate is also Muslim.Same with Hindu wards.

2nd point is Reservation every caste is trying to get reservation for them, while doing this shamelessly those caste people forget about the other Indian poor people.
They will fight on the issue of Caste, but do you see they will fight as Indian.

We can see people fighting only the issue of caste and religion, even our media and news papers are using caste and religion as a marketing tools to improve there sells of there news paper and audio and video media, that is television channel.

Ask the people on the road who are you?

The answer will be I am Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrathi, Bihari,
where is Indian?

Ask the people on road what is your language?
The answer will be Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarthi where is Hindi?
Does really our national language is Hindi?

In our parliament how many Member of Parliament understand and speak in Hindi?

Do you feel pride when talking in Hindi?

Do you understand Hindi? Can you write and speak proper Hindi?

Majority Indians will say no on this point.

Here also caste plays the role, Caste decides and influences our language also.

To make progress we Indians have to come out of this shell of caste and religion

We have to support and vote on the basis of qualities and education of person, not his caste and religion.

Do you think we will have a day where a Hindu will win election among Muslim population, and a Muslim will win election in Hindu area without reservation?

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