19 April 2009

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Caste system, India and Females

Caste system, India and Females

What is the meaning of Caste?

Dr. Ketkar defines caste as " a social group having two characteristics: (i)

Membership is confined to those who are born of members and includes all

Persons so born; (ii) the members are forbidden by an inexorable social law

To marry outside the group ".

This definition is not complete but it is accurate and correct.

When this caste system came into existence, I am still not sure how the lower class people accepted there status, low status?
If you know it let me know it.

Caste system decided the profession of the person and his next generations also making them low caste people forever.

There are 4 main castes, those are

(1) Brahmins or the priestly class

(2) The Kshatriya or military

(3) The Vaishya or the merchant class

(4) The Shudra

So in olden times to preserve the caste system , we got the many rules and customs ,but I will talk about only 2 customs ,which are legally changed now , custom of sati, that is burning the widow, with her dead husband, 2nd is the widow is not allowed to remarry permanently she has to shave her all hairs on head so she becomes non attractive to males ,and also it helped the society to keep females on secondary position forever which gave supremacy to males.

After arrival of British people in India, when they started to rule India, they made a law against sati and banned the sati system, sati custom.

If British Empire has not banned this custom, I doubt our any political party would have dared to stop this custom of Hindu society.

This is one of the customs of Hindu society which shows us that our culture is also not made by god like other cultures.
No culture is made by god; no religion is made by god,Culture and religion are formed to keep society together and give more powers to king and priest, making society a slave to priest and kings.

Caste is also a part of this trick which helps priest and kings ,[ political leaders ] to keep our Indian society divided and keeps them, gives them priest and kings, the status of god.

Before India became independent, Upper caste people enjoyed all benefits and lower class people suffered, today in India same is happening but now upper class means Political leaders and parties they are making and taking all benefits on the name of caste, society and progress of India. They don’t want any progress of India; they are also dividing us on the name of caste, religion and reservation.

This is one of the reasons today also no political party is ready to say and support that we need to abolish caste system forever, or reservation in jobs and education only on the basis of economic status of family.

Every Indian who thinks reservation on basis of caste is correct, I will suggest and tell him and ask him also, what is the reason upper class poor man is not getting job and education?

Is he also not Indian? Why he should be punished for the mistakes committed by others in past, and that is also not in India.

That time there were different states and countries; there was no presence of India.

Caste system has become the root of evil and is growing with the help of political parties and leaders in India.

We hope this caste system in future will not give rise to Hindu Taliban.

All religions and their religious texts are man-made and they represent the selfish interest of the classes, which are trying to pursue and protect their selfish ends by constructing such customs, making rules and dividing people on the basis of caste, or using caste as a basis.

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BK Chowla, April 19, 2009  

All such decisions taken by the British are still in force.Where ever the system can divide and get votes is what is good politics.Indian state is following the British policy of divide and rule.

Anonymous,  April 21, 2009  

yes i agree caste and religion are man made and not created by god.despite knowing the fact people are not willing to dump their religion or caste and let few people like politcians and priests to use us for their own benefits.