02 April 2009

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India change should begin in schools

India change should begin in schools :

Today in India when you take admission of your kid to school
You have to pay bribe in name of school decoration or something; we have to stop this kind of bribe. We have to see that our government schools are as good as private schools.
2nd problem is in school you teach the boys and girls that he is Hindu, he is Muslim, and he is Christian etc.

So first of all we have to stop this asking of religion in the school.
It should be banned to fill the religion, caste in any government forms.
There should be only 2 clauses state where the kid is born, and country where he is born.

Now 3rd is we have to stop teaching history of last 500 years or more.
Now in this global era, we have to teach students only the history of max
150 years old.
History from 1900, will be better if you teach them history from only 1948 and onwards will be excellent, as we can teach them in deep and serious way
How Indian democracy is growing, let them understand in deep how our democracy is working.
4th is schools should arrange trips to Loksabha,Rajsabha, and there own municipalities, government offices .let the school children know and see how it is working.5th is study of Indian constitution be taught to school children as well as collage students irrespective of there stream commerce or science or engg. Or medical the study of constitution should be compulsory with grade system, but our politicians have very skillfully kept us away from that. They will never do any changes.


Indian Home Maker April 02, 2009  


I am not sure about the history part, recent history is essential, but why not some ancient history also?
Also World history, including the rise of the Nazis, Black slavery, History of suffrage rights by women in the West, some political history of Iran and Afghanistan ... and 100% with you on our Constitution. I revere it but I see many Indians are their religion, state and language before they are citizens of the Nation.

BK Chowla, April 02, 2009  

I fully agree with your suggestion.Yes,ideally,history should be taught
post 1947.Detaling of religion and caste are not a compulsion but a well planned scheme of the Govt who have always divided us on these lines.We ,howewver,feel helpless.