03 April 2009

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How we Indians Can achieve change Be the change ?

Reality Views: By sm
How we Indians Can achieve change?
Individual Change Do not change society
Now and then, I always here this change yourself and society will change. Be the change which you want to see.
Sorry I do not agree with this statement. .Here we are talking about our nation .Our Society. Suppose you clean your house will it make your neighbors home clean?

Suppose you keep your dog pets and garden clean and in good condition.
Will this your action improve your neighbors habits? Will they start to keep there home and place clean?
It is always said that a rotten fruit destroys all good fruits.
Now let’s go to Ramayana and Mahabharata, in both stories you can find Ravana and Kourava both represent bad people.
Ram, Pandavas and Krishna represent good people.
So as per your theory which says change your self and society will change is correct,
Why then Ravana and Kourava didn’t change.
Krishna told to them that it is duty of Pandavas to go and try to convince kouravas and get yours what is yours rightfully otherwise do a war with them and get what is rightfully yours.
If Krishna and Ram can not change bad humans, how a common man can change his neighbors, his society in which few gonads and criminals live.
we can give them many chances to improve but as our politicians and few educated people say individual change will change country and society, But in reality this will not happen, we want individual change as well as we want change in our nation But today situation is that honest person is fearful of law as well as gonads and criminals. on the other hand in India criminals don’t fear law or police but you may find many people saying that law and police fear gonads and criminals.
Here we are talking about social change, how the social change can be achieved
Only through strict, simple laws and very strict implementation of law, if lawmaker is found law braking then punishment should be 100 times more. And in this cases justice should be given in 1 week which is possible .Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

We have to amend our constitution making such provisions like accountability for lawmakers, politicians, judiciary, and police department as well as state .Duties of State should be clearly mentioned with fines and punishments for them who are in charge of state.Eg. It is the duty of state to keep stray dogs away from roads, if stray dog is found on road ,or any accident happens on road the collector of the city or police commissioner of the city be suspended immediately and he should be made to pay fines. Like this very simple and effective laws.
Retirement age for politician’s .Next is provisions. laws which will stop mob rule ,provisions which will give more importance to our freedom of speech and profession, and give us security from mob rule so no one will dare to brake your home or shop for name change, or no one will stop you enjoying valentines day with your wife or mom or full family, no one will dare to beat females or males without reason., even if there is reason there are peaceful ways and laws even we need policies where every police action will be recorded , and reviewed by senior citizens and scientists, doctors and lawyers.
Yes we can, yes together we Indians can change our lives, we can change
“Sometimes I wonder if we shall ever grow up in our politics and say definite things which mean something, or whether we shall always go on using generalities to which everyone can subscribe, and which mean very little.”

If today I clean my home my home will become clean , may be after that my friends will clean there home , but our Society will not change for this we need implementation of laws.
To end I will again give one example I do not drink and smoke but I know many friends who drink and smoke
They didn’t change I told them not to smoke and drink, they told me I should drink and smoke neither I change nor they changed
So will it change them?
Gandhi said change yourself and he followed non violence but Gandhi himself got killed by violence, a gun...
No human can change society; society can be changed with laws and implementation of laws.
“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic”

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”


Hemal April 03, 2009  

The issue SM is that I dont want to spend more than 5K to 7K. And there are two things that fall in my budget, one is the Air Cooler, other is a Wall Fan / Table Fan. Also the fact that I am staying in a Rented appartment, that stops me from doing any modifications to my home. The other fact is that Mithi (clean, not the one in you see in mumbai) river flows behind my area which means high Humidity. So, the choice is more or less has to be an Air Cooler.

What I want to know is that which one is better

BK Chowla, April 03, 2009  

There are three different kinds of people
1..Those who wathch things happen.
2..Those who make things happen
3..Those who wonder what happened.
Let us make an effort,results are bound to come.

kunal April 03, 2009  

"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen".... &
Even i dont Believe in the statement that if we clean our home, our neighbour will make things cleaner... Nothing Gonna Change Doing This....
We all will have to come Forward & make a constant effort for a change to come.....


Hemal April 04, 2009  

There is a silver lining. If you have a clean home, clean garden will envy every other neighbour. But the problem is that they do not have this attitude towards public places.

And that is where mentatlity of the people should change. The neighbour hood does play a small role, but people generally ignore these ethics when they are in public place.

In a reply to your comment on on Mumbai Overheats, please read this.

1. I did not understood how does the Cooler increase Humidity after 2 hours.
2. I agree that it can give you a cold if you keep it close enuf, but then it is controllable.
3. I have found an Cooler which does not make much sound. It is difficult to clean, yes ofcourse. But then, it is the same case with fridge these days. The water defrost trays which used to be simple pull, now require you to use a screw driver.
4. An Cooler works in one direction is an understatement. The Cooler with Swing, swings the air like the Table/Wall fan. Cooler will not make the room cool, but it is not for that. To cool a whole room is the job of an AC. Cooler only cools a small area / range and gives you cool air.

I actually visited today out of depression and even ordered one for me, but that detail later. The Cooler I selected can be used as a Fan without using water at all, and with water / ice. And the fact that this Cooler works much more faster than an Orient PSPO fan I saw after your instruction. Your idea of A/C cooling is very good. But then, this need is not only for sleeping in the night. It may also be used in the day and a place other than bed room, may be Kitchen. So, this cooler gives me portablitiy. As I had told you earlier, AC is not a option for me since I cannot do any modifications to my home since this is a rented apartment.

I bought a KENSTAR Double Cool DxCW 0121 Cooler which will be delivered at my door by tomorrow noon which has a cooling capacity of 30 Sq Meter, I can store 45 litrs of water. It can work in dry & arid climates and it is even Inverter compatible.

It cost me a good 5 grands, which ofcourse had saddened me, but then I have to be fair enough to myself. Me and my family cannot bear the heat.

SM January 26, 2012  

BK Chowla,thanks.