24 March 2009

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Sun Sign Capricorn: Know all about Capricorn :

Sun Sign Capricorn: Know all about Capricorn :
Capricorn BirthdaysDecember 22 - January 19
capricorn are very serious minded .Capricorn sign is practical minded.

Friends and Family:
capricorns love holidays, they are honest and they have very few friends but they are also honest, it is very difficult to become friend of capricorn,once you are friend its life long friendship full of fun ,honesty and help.
Capricorn people belive in doing real help not in showing or saying, if they want to help you they wil really help you and later you will come to know, your friend has helped you without your knowledge.
Career and Money:
nothing is impossible for capricorns,they will start as a junior in company and end up as the Ceo of company. they will touch the sky once the goal is fix. they have dedication,honesty,hardwork towards job, they are excellent manager.when capirocorns spend money they will spend money lot but all the items will be pratical,multipurpose use.
ColorsThe color of choice for Capricorn is brown. In fact, most dark colors do well for this sign.
GemstoneCapricorn’s star stone is the Black Onyx.
Lucky NumbersCapricorn's lucky numbers are 6, 8, and 9.
Most compatible signCapricorns are most compatible with Taurus and Virgo.
Opposite SignThe Opposite Sign for Capricorn is Cancer.
The Perfect GiftThe best gift for a Capricorn is something practical or multi-functional.
LikesFamily events, music, work, traditions
HouseNatural sign of the Tenth House. This house focuses on reputation, profession, authorities, and status.
Famous Capricorns
Andy Rooney, Joan of Arc, Janis Joplin, Martin Luther King, and Elvis Presley.