23 March 2009

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india : Child labour policy change:

india : Child labour policy change:
In Maharashtra now on its no longer crime to give job to boys and girls
who are age 14 or above, it is legal to give them job. as per new defination only boys and girls below age 14 will be termed as child labour.

if at age 14 if boys and girls can do job then why do not give them right to vote.
We hope maharashtra governemnt will make it legal and give right of vote to all boys and girls who are above age 14.
If boys and girls can do job at the age of 14 we appeal to the maharashtra govt, make 14 year old marriage legal and even encourage child marriage.
Before planning to vote for congress and ncp think on this point.
if you do not support child labour then do not vote for congress and ncp.
currently all boys and girls working below age 18 were termed as child labour.
but now maharashtra govt of congress and ncp has reduced the age to 14 .
Be ready to see child labour now .
Jai ho child labour.
child labours demand voting right and right to marry now.


Indian Home Maker March 24, 2009  

I think we should have free lunch, a glass of milk and decent basic education for all children till class 10 (age fifteen). I have blogged about the kind of schools our government runs - the saddest is that children are beaten and abused by teachers and other children and the teachers seem to have no idea of not only child psychology - they just don't are not interested in teaching or in children.
We spend so much IIMs and higher education for which young adults can take loans if they wish, it is basic education that should be free and very good quality - right now we are providing better opportunities for only those who have already had good opportunities and those who have not even basic schooling are totally left out... rambling because I feel strongly about it...

Indian Home Maker March 24, 2009  

LOL What I meant was that child labour will only end if schools provide food, uniforms and basic education- then the children will cease to be a burden - banning them from working alone does not seem to work... Though of course they should not be working till at least 14-15...
and never any hazardous jobs like in fire cracker factories.

Dreaming Eyes March 25, 2009  

hello....u sound vry intelligent and well observant..like ur posts..wll try to read all in coming days...take care...

SM March 25, 2009  

ty ihm and dreaming eyes.
yes i agree ihm ,but i fell it should be compulsory to study upto age 18 for all boys and girls, for poor kids govt,should provide them shelter,food,books everything

not needed March 29, 2009  

I am aghast to read this news. Whereas India needs to firmly stand up to end child labor, this is retrogressive step. Child labor must be banned and strict punitive measures must be taken against violation.