14 March 2009

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India:Win Rs.250,000 Design Currency Symbol For Rupee

India:Win Rs.250,000 Design Currency Symbol For Rupee
India:At last Indian Rupee will get currency symbol
You must be aware that usa doller,Euro,Pound and Yen all have currency symbol but our indian rupee does not have any symbol it is always represented as INR.or Rs.
Now Indian Govt has decided to get a symbol for indian rupee.the Indian finance ministry has begun a public competition to select a design for the symbol of the rupee.

The contest, which ends April 15, is open only to residents of India. Five shortlisted entries for the final selection will be awarded a prize of 25,000 rupees ($500), and the winner will take 250,000 rupees ($5,000).
But for this,to participate in this competion you will have to pay Rupees 500 to govt of india and a participant can send a maximum of two entries.
For the detailed circular dated 26-Feb-2009, please visit


Anonymous,  March 16, 2009  

Its really gr8 that even India would have its own currency symbol..

workhard March 18, 2009  

Yeah, im impressed they have decided to take such a bold move..

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Anonymous,  April 26, 2009  

Govt.of India , economic affair department ran a competetion to design a symbol for rupee like dollar have $ at its website

here is my entery to the contest..
My simplest yet worthy “peace of art” for Indian Rupee Symbol link..