12 March 2009

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India is moving to 18th century

Reality Views by Sm:
India is moving to 18th century
Does India is moving to 18th century ?
In 18th century anybody came to india with weapons and made attack on india.
last year and before that also same happend we have seen what happend on 26/11,Mumbai attack, without fear nine or ten terrorist came to mumbai and made attack, like 18th century we ,mother india faced attack from outsiders and that time also our forces didnt take revenge by going to enemy land and killing real criminal.

Like 18th century, In india still we are facing child marriages, recently one newspaper reported that 40% females in india get married before age 18 and have babies and few miscarriage before age 18.
Like 18th century now we are witnessing rise of hindu talibanies we have witnessed valentine attack,donkey marriage, ban on art, etc.
Like 18th century our politicians became kings of india.
In 18th century we got Jamindars and now we got corporations.
In 18th century also paid entertainment tax and now also we are paying
entertainment tax.
In 18th century also priest was friend of king and jamindars and now also priest is friend of politicians and corporations.
sure you agree with me or not


Anonymous,  March 12, 2009  

As you mention we do have a lot of problems like child marriage, corrupt political system, unemployment etc but we are moving ahead, lets not dampen our hopes.

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Anonymous,  March 12, 2009  

One thing which we all want is "CHANGE".
But we are definitely moving ahead, terror attack can happen. Even America was not able to protect their "World Trade Center".
At this time whole world is facing the problem of unemployment. Yeah we have a corrupt Political system, we are responsible for it because most of the people dont vote & we have to change it!!!!!!


Soumyadeep March 13, 2009  

nice yaar.....u r right....

Indian Home Maker March 20, 2009  

First time on this blog.
Love whatever I have read so far...
Already feeling inspired to write short and effective blog posts.
Blog rolling you....

Anonymous,  March 20, 2009  

ty indian home makers , you have insipired me to right one more article on indian home makers. ty.

Anonymous,  May 30, 2009  

true.we most certainly are backward in our thinking.it'll take us atleast 2 more generations to get over it.

great blog btw.i came to it from your indiblog.com post. :)