25 March 2009

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Indian political parties and manifesto: a Farce ?

By Sm: Reality Views:

Indian political parties and manifesto: is it a farce ?

what is the meaning of manifesto,

A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature.

Last 61 years we are hearing from political parties we will do this,
we have to achieve this. 

what are there motives and what there manifesto includes if you carefully study them, you will find that they are just same promises of last 61 years. 

it is like our school and collage exams, just purchase Important  21 guide question and answer guide

and you pass the exam,or just take the last 15 years exam papers and you will see that your exam paper is same one question from each past year. 

Political parties manifesto should be clear ,if they say they will bring womens reservation then ,the manifesto should say in clear words and of affidavit that congress party if wins elections will pass women reservation bill in 5 years , if it is coaliation government then will not pass the bill and new manifesto will be declared and will be compulsory and binding on coalition government
and coalition government formed by all member of parliament will retire from politics permannatly for the failure of not keeping promise and not trying to fulfill manifesto, if manifesto promises are in progress then ,it should be considered as towards fulfilling progress 

Today political parties have no accountability they can say anything and declare anything.
eg is in 2 years we will give 24 hours electricity in every state,in reality last 61 years what they did not achived i am sure they will need next 100 years to achive this. 

2nd is Ram mandir, Bjp says will built ram mandir yes fine good no problems
but what if supreme court of india says no one can built ram mandir or mosque , built a school there.

so what Bjp will do ?

Congress   says we will remove poverty but in reality poverty is rising increasing in India  and  poor are removed for their homes and land on the name of  land grabbing for development.

At last we Indians have to understand that all political parties are part of a same coin.

In India we need to make it compulsory for political parties that they will pay the fines to india if they do not fulfill there manifesto promises.

“Sometimes I wonder if we shall ever grow up in our politics and say definite things which mean something, or whether we shall always go on using generalities to which everyone can subscribe, and which mean very little.”