28 March 2009

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Does Obama copies indian politicians

Reality Views: By SM
Does Obama copies indian politicians ?
Indians we should be proud or should we be sad.
Indian politics is like gutter, indian politics is like rotten mango.
Did you realise what we have exported to usa,

usa politicians are copying
our style of politics.
Recently like our honourbale politicians President Obama appeared on television and made fun and comments,That same week when President obama appeared on televison, AIG has given bonus . AIG is a company who got bailout package, paid millions in bonus . when america is moving towards bankruptacy if same policies are used by america for next 50 to 100 years , america will be one of poorest nation on earth.
It was expected from President Obama that he will speak on AIG bonus problem, he will prapose new law or do something to stop AIG bonus or policies that in future this type of mistakes will not happen,but like our indian politicians, he was smileing on television and was making jokes like Our honourbale politicians.
In India ,Indian politicians always say india is shining, india is going to become superpower, when in india farmers commit suicide our politicians are busy watching music shows or discussing which language is important.In India also our parliament saw a bag full of 1000 rupee notes ,alleged to be somekind of bribe,what happend to that case, as usual nothing.
We expected that our politicians will learn something from usa politicias,but
it is very sad that rotten mango has courrupted the good mango.


Indian Home Maker March 29, 2009  

I had forgotten about those bags of notes! I hope we do not taint good mangoes ... but the way we are can we ever be good influence on anybody?

BK Chowla, March 29, 2009  

You missed out that he carries Lord HANUMAN's locket.Obama is exporting his soldiers to Afghanistan...may be he will import some of our great politicians.HOPE

sm March 29, 2009  

yes , you are right,he do not always carry hanuman,its like our politicians they remember religion,god only when there are election,thus Obama ,wooed the american hindus by showing them Hanuman at the time of elections.

Hemal March 30, 2009  

They will never learn it. You bet? It will only happen if the Indian Janata enforce them. Also, request you to please correct spellings... You know, every word on your blog is a Keyword!!!

Shakthi March 30, 2009  

This is good way of looking at a universal problem ! Politicians !! All of them are rotten !!

sm March 30, 2009  

yes i agree hemal .
and i have noted your suggestion.ty