26 February 2009

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India :Laws outdated case study : Ex-union minister Sukhram

  • India : Laws outdated case study : Ex-union minister Sukhram:

    Justice delayed is justice denied
    now you can see how slow our government machinery works.
    The agency had conducted a raid at the former minister's residences here and in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, in 1996 and recovered Rs 3.62 crore.
    Aug 27, 1996: CBI registers FIR against him under the Prevention of Corruption Act.
    Sep 18, 1996: CBI arrests Sukhram in the case.
    Oct 16, 1996: Sukhram gets bail.
    Jun 9, 1997: Chargesheet filed.
    Jul 10, 2001: Court frames corruption charges.
    Oct 30, 2001: Court starts recording evidence.
    Nov 6, 2004: Former PM Narsimha Rao records his testimony as a witness in the case.
    Apr 13, 2007: Recording of testimony of prosecution witnesses concludes with examination of 64 witnesses.
    May 18, 2007: Sukhram answers court queries based on evidence against him.
    Jul 20, 2007: Defence starts recording statements of witnesses.
    Nov 7, 2008: Sukhram gets 16 witnesses examined in his favour.
    Dec 2, 2008: Final arguments start.
    Feb 17, 2009: Special CBI Judge V K Maheshwari reserves the verdict on conclusion of final arguments, which were advanced during 11 hearings.
    Feb 25,2009 sukhram is convicted and punished for 3 years
    and immidiately sukhram gets bail and he dont go to jail. but gets time to file appeal in highcourt and after that he will get time to file appeal in supreme court of india if he is convicted by the highcourt.
    This trial went on for 13 years and now this case will go to highcourt and will take 13 years or more or less to be decided by High court and then again sukharm will be given bail
    After that Sukhram will go to supreme court of india where this will take
    5 years or 13 years again.

    justice delyed is justice denied.
    we hope sukhram will go to jail for 3 years before he dies because of old age, as one day everyone has to die because of old age or other reasons.
  • our prevention of corruption act really need drastic changes, changes like that whenever there is political courruption ,it should be treated as courruption against whole of india,
  • the trial should be and compulsorily must be finished in a year by trial court and in 2 months by high court and 2 months by supreme court, while in a bail period the accused should be debarred ,not allowed to hold any public as well as private office of profit or non profit.