06 February 2009

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India valentines day and Freedom of expression.

India valentines day and Freedom of expression.

They say india is democratic country secular country.

they say indian constituion has given us fundamental right of, freedom of expression.

as per constitution . every indian has a right to celerbate any day as he wish without hurting others physically.

But indian hindu and muslim talibani organisations has openly challenged  the conistitution of india ,by declaring  that on 14th feburary if any indian dares to celebrate valentines day,he will be  beaten.They have told shop keepers that if they sell valentine products there shops may be damaged by there party workers.

What goverment of india is doing ,what police is doing, what judiciary is doing?

Do you think this valentines days, you can enjoy peacefully without fear.

Do you think you can peacefully sell valentine day products in your shops ?

We hope police department will make arrest on 13th Feb ,persons who have openly threated to hesistate violently.

If you dont like valentines day, you can oppose it peacefully its your right.

but No one has right to take away the other indian persons right of expression and freedom . 

If you beat  ,use force, violence to disturb the joy of people who celebrate valentines day , it will show that you dont belive in constitution of india

you do not belive in our indian constitution and  law, this clearly  shows that you do not love india and you do not respect indian constitution.

if you dont love india then why you are staying in india ?