21 January 2009

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India Laws outdated case study : Navjot Singh Sidhu

India Laws outdated case study : Navjot Singh Sidhu
December 1 2001 ,the Honorbale high courts of Punjab and Haryana found
sidhu guilty and sentenced him to three-year imprisonment in a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. But sidhu is not in jail this is 2009 and still his case is pending in the
honorable supreme court of india.
we hope in his life time the judgement will come and he will go to jail.
what happens if in this years all witnesses are dead.
The Supreme Court stayed the conviction of cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu in a road rage death case paving the way for him to contest the bypoll for Amritsar Lok Sabha seat.
What will happen to Indian democracy if criminals and convicts sit in the Parliament? Once again the people are assailed by doubts and uncertainty looms large and it has a highly unsettling effect.
If you are a rich perosn in india ,law is a toy for you do u think this is correct ?
i am a common man if i will just utter a word or carry a stone i am surei will end up in jail for life without lawyer and bail.as i dont have money to pay to the lawyers and for my bail.
For a common man,for mother india a criminal is a criminal then he may be arun gawli or dawood or sanjay dutt or sidhu or kasab all must be fined and punished if found guilty on time.
what is the use of food when person is on hungar strike ,when he was hungry one should give him food ,not after his death.
justice delayed is justice denied.
and people say india is shinning ,people say india is super power.