23 January 2009

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Back to history 1940 Churchill and india

Back to history 1940 Churchill and india
That brings us back to Churchill, who had a confrontation of sorts with Gandhi. Churchill was an opponent of Home Rule ,freedom for India, and Gandhi was the leader of the movement that won Home Rule. Churchill's views on this matter are not today well-known. His opinion was that the people of India were entitled to self-government. He had said years earlier, in a speech in honor of the Fourth of July, that the British Empire must stand for the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Equally, he believed that the people of India were incapable of self-government at the time. India was not so much a country, as he put it, as a "geographic expression." It was divided among peoples of different tribes, languages, and religions, some of whom meant violence upon others. He predicted that Home Rule or independence would mean a civil war and massive casualties

Today do you agree with churchill ?
was he right about india?