28 November 2008

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Mubai india terror 26/11 Few questions ?

By: sm
Mubai india terror 26/11
We all know that , this incident will be forgotten by mejoirty indians ,will be forgotten by politicians, there will be no change in system .
who is responsible for this terror ?Dont you think when we fight on the issue of language or state and beat some indian is it not terror?
Dont you think when you kill someone when he changes his religion that is also terror.
Just few questions i have to ask to myself you can also ask yourself.
Are we living in a country called India ?
If some one ask you question where are you from ? what will be your answer , i am from india or your answer will be i am from maharashtra,punjab or mp,bihar .
Are we still slaves of this new independent india ,controlled and run by political parties ?
i have right to select the candidate ,but after getting power if he becomes courrupt i do not have right to remove him .
Do you think india we got rule of law or mob rule ?
what happens on valentines day we all know it .
Do you think religion is more imp or humanity ?
we all know what happens on the conversion of religion


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