01 December 2008

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India a super power ? Mumbai terrorism ? More questions ?

By: sm
India a super power ? Mumbai terrorism ? More questions ?
People say india will be super power in next 10 or 20 years ?
Do you really think india will become super power if you think this way then i have to make your aware about few things .
A country where right to education is not fundamental right .
A country where religion ,language is more important than humanity or equality.
A country where still we teach kids that he is hindu, he is muslim but dont teach them he is indian .
A country whose population 70% stays in a small area than the space area occupied by the usa ,american prisioner .
A country whose 70% population can not earn per day 1 american doller .1 american doller is equal to 45 to 50 indian rupees.
the truth is that india will not become super power unless and untill our political system changes. we got everything to be on top, but our political system has rotten .
In america there was only one terror attact ,in last 15 years we are suffereing, even our parliament was put at war, but do you see any political will or change in this system.
Our politicians even dont have courage to hang the guilty criminals .Supreme court of india has given punishment hang till deathBut our politicians dont dare to give him capital punishment.
Political system will never change as this system makes them ,a servant king of india .he can do whatever he wants, that is politicians for there security they have 300 cars or 500 cars with commandoes etc.with whose money they enjoy such liberty ?this is tax payers money .Do we have courage to ask them what is there qualifiication that they become Defence Minister. What is there qualification they have become Home minister ?Do we have courage to ask them give us your presenty card. In every company there is presenty card, when employee came and when employee went outside company .and how much work he has done.
How many politicians send there sons and daughters to the army ?
our policians are servants of india ,do you think they behave like servants ?
Now question is our political system has become useless .
Do you think this politicians will change ?
Our politicians will never change .When there own there kin will become victim of terror then they will understand .Do you think they will change after there loveones will suffer terror attack ?
Hope they will change and do the needful and even if they dont change ,one day time will come such a that they will be shown doors by future generations. we hope this will happen peaceful way in future.