19 September 2008

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Top Ten Careers for Aries

Top Ten Careers for Aries
Aries are well suited to any career in which leadership, energy, and determination are important. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Aries is probably the biggest go-getter and the most motivated employee.

Aries aren't known to be patient and tactful and aren't temperamentally suited to life in the secretarial pool or accounts payable. Rams tend to choose careers that are exciting and involve an element of risk. One of the most ambitious signs, they do not want to wait for success. Decisive, assertive steps bring them to their goals.
Aries need to have a lot of freedom, an outlet for their passions, and the assurance of a boost to their ego. Aries is opinionated and can easily overpower other staff. They are great at flying by the seat of their pants. Perservering Aries will not give up their goals and will see things through to the bitter end.
Read on to see which careers are best suited to fiery Aries!

Olympic Athlete:
This path requires dogged determination, vitality, and competitiveness of Herculean proportions. The ordinary person would not put in the hours, endure the stress, suffer the injuries and get up that early in the morning. This "win at all costs" attitude is what will make or break them. If they make it to the top they can expect great success, but if they don't it will be spectacular failure. Either way, they are most passionate and committed.

Personal Trainer:
Aries is the perfect individual to be on the case of an overweight, out-of-shape, gym newbie, just like a dog at dinner. As obnoxious as Aries is in real life, they can get paid big bucks to be pushy and bossy in this setting. Depending on the results of their client they can be a hero or a real pain in the rear (literally). The qualities that Aries bring to this job are a love of competitiveness, a penchant for pushing, and an enormous capacity to take control and inspire clients to success.

Aries love to fight, get in your face, and be in control. For those reasons, they are quite suited to breaking up fights, tossing people out on the street, and looking impenetrable. To train for the job, they must bulk up with weights, drink a lot of protein shakes and practice standing with their arms crossed, looking mean. If they work in a really nice place, they may have to have some fashion sense to screen out losers. Aries' affinity for really loud music and boisterous patrons will come in handy.

Prison Warden:
For this job, Aries has to be immune to the plight of others, have a God complex, and be capable of leading a diverse group of people. Aries is quite suited to this rough environment and a position of power within it. They are tough, feisty individuals who don't take any guff off anyone. When faced with a riot, they are not daunted and a rush of adrenaline takes over. They may have to watch their blood pressure and take anger management courses, but other than that they'll fit right in.

Drill Sergeant:
This career is perfect for outspoken, pushy Aries. They are drawn to be in a position of complete power and love the ability to make recruits grovel and obey their commands. They are well suited to the breaking of spirits and inspiring complete observance to orders and rules. They are not prone to daydreaming or being slack and abhor that in others. They have the influence of Mars to thank for the ability and interest in inflicting discipline and control.

Stunt Person:
This job requires a really crazy person to sign up. They must have absolutely no fear, a thirst for danger, and a strong independence, which describes the Ram completely. Aries would probably do stunts for free, just for the thrill, so a paycheck is icing on the cake. They have the endurance for long days on a movie set or the fearlessness to be a crash test dummy.

Prize Fighter:
The bloodshed and pain of this career appeal to warrior Aries and they are quite talented at fighting. Natural athletes, they are agile and powerful, but also very shrewd. The long hours of training are not a problem for Aries, and the smell of sweat spurs them on to greatness in this field. This job also requires a fierce sense of competition, which makes Aries well suited to be a champion.

Fire Chief:
This career takes a strong sense of leadership, a need to take risks, and good physical condition. Because of these attributes and their fascination with fire, Aries would stand out in this job. They may be called upon to light a fire under their staff or put out a forest fire. Either way, they have to be sharp, decisive, and able to respond to conditions quickly. Added bonus: the ability to whip up a batch of five-alarm chili will allow them to achieve great success amongst their peers.
Mercenary Soldier:For those Aries soldiers, the option of fighting for a foreign government might appeal. This career requires a certain toughness of mind, lack of need for personal safety, and the ability to stay unattached to personal ties. Aries would probably be able to cope with such lack of creature comforts and the highly disciplined life better than anyone.

High School Coach:
To be the most respected person in the school and the hardest taskmaster would be dream job for Aries. Forming young minds and bodies would be a great challenge and a tough job. Not for the faint of heart, someone in this position can't put up with any flack from the teenagers on the team. Aries loves the trill of the game, the rush of excitement, and the chance to yell at their team and fight with the other coaches. This is one job where they can truly wear their hearts on their sleeves.