21 September 2008

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Top 10 Careers for Taurus :

Top 10 Careers for Taurus :

Find out which jobs are ideal for dependable, easygoing, patient Taurus!

Taurus is well suited to any career in which patience, consistency, and values are important.

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Taurus is probably the most dependable and easygoing

They aren’t temperamentally suited to life in the fast lane, but you can count on
them to get the job done.

They tend to choose careers that pay well and have good job security.

One of the most determined signs, they are not overly ambitious. Methodical,
well thought out steps bring them to their goals.

Taurus needs to have a sense of belonging, a clear job description, and good benefits and
employee perks.

They are very motivated by money, bonuses, and commissions, and will work very hard for what they get.

This is the sign to watch as they become comfort able and secure, eventually reaching their goals.

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Taurus:

This is the sign with a classic green thumb and dirty hands. They would like nothing more
than spending their days cultivating roses and pruning scrubs. Taurus can be found running
greenhouses, working in garden centers and flower shops, and working for companies who
supply plants for businesses. The lucky ones can work at an ostentatious estate, taking care
of larger, more complex gardens and dreaming of being the owner.

Landscape Designer:
The Landscape Designer deals with plant material and other elements on a larger or more
complex scale. This profession requires several years of education, a talent for design and
architecture, and vision. Taurus has an innate sense of aesthetics, and a love of living
things, which make them perfect for this career. Instead of creating a building like an
architect, they are able to build a small part of the world instead.

Perfume/Cosmetics Developer:
Taurus loves the finer things in life. They have finely-tuned senses and are acutely aware of
beauty and elegance. If they have training in chemistry, they can then work in the world of
perfume and cosmetics. Finding just the right blend of light and airy floral, with an exotic
musk, would engage them on a fascinating quest. Following the latest consumer research
they will find the combination of scent that will make crowds flock to their product. They
flagrantly disregard scent-free policies.

Taureans are often very beautiful individuals and some might want to venture into modeling.
Most Taurus natives love to eat, which may concern those who wish to model. However,
they should not let their weight stop them because the Plus-Size Model market could be
literally tailor-made for them. Since the population is growing in more ways than one, this
field is probably opening up. The money is probably plus-size too.

Winery Owner:
This venture would appeal to many sides of Taurus. First of all they would have to grow the
grapes and harvest them. Then, they would have to make the wine over a number of years,
taking the time to get things just right. They are very patient people and will insist on quality
and a full-bodied taste. The best part of this business would be the continual quality control
and tasting. Finally, they may want to open the winery to the public and entertain, enjoy a
glass of the finest with guests.

Security Guard:
Security is very important to Taurus and this job would probably appeal to them. It would be
even more of a bonus if they were on the night shift at a quiet location. They would probably
opt for the postings that had the least likelihood of ever being robbed or disturbed. It would
be an excellent chance to relax, watch TV, wear a uniform, and be of service. They need to
be careful not to let the power go to their heads.

This career is interesting to Taurus because they get to work for the government, but
outside in the fresh air. The location could be anywhere from a city lot to a country road.
Some of their time is spent driving to and from locations and marking points on the terrain.
This job is technical but will allow them to work close to nature. Unless the work is done near
the freeway or downtown, most of the time they will be away from major distractions. And, if
they take a thermos and a lunchbox, they won’t miss their scheduled breaks.

Pastry Chef:
Taurus is very comfortable in the kitchen and this career would appeal to their penchant for
quality, fine foods, and, of course, their sweet tooth. Only the best ingredients and the
richest creams and butters will suffice. The best part of this job, for a Taurus, is sampling
the wares. They will take great pride in turning out a delicious and artfully arranged product.
They love working with their hands by rolling out dough and decorating the wares.

Park Ranger:
In many ways this career is well suited to Taurus. The work is largely outdoors in a park
setting. They are in charge of taking care of nature and are concerned with the welfare of the
people and animals in its realm. The beauty of this role is that it is a government job with
good pay and benefits and is steady work. Taurus, of course, looks very fine in a uniform
and they will strut their stuff for all to see. Smokey the Bear has only good things to say
about Taurus.

Loan Officer:
The next best thing to working outside is having a desk job and handling financial
transactions. A career in the banking industry would make a Taurus rather pleased. There is
longevity, room to grow, and the chance to process lots of beautiful money. They get to
work with people, solve their financial concerns and then find ways that they can buy more
and more stuff. Meanwhile, they benefit from a good job with long-term prospects.

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Anonymous,  April 30, 2012  

Not am assortment of high paying jobs and professions. There must be more choices than this!!

Anonymous,  August 12, 2012  

Wtf?? Such crappy jobs -_-

EvolveArtCo August 31, 2012  

This read like will ferrell and john c. riley from step brothers wrote it! VERY WELL DONE SATIRE..

forensicgoth June 10, 2013  

Yeah right! I hate gardens seriously ...however my fiancé is a security guard and I want to become either a police officer or forensic officer so what does that say?