21 September 2008

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Top 10 Careers for Scorpio

Top 10 Careers for Scorpio - Finding an outlet for all that intensity isn't easy, but there are some highly unusual

specialities sure to appeal to this mysterious sign

Scorpio is well-suited to any career in which ambition, insight, and intelligence are important.
This is an employee who will be brilliant, perceptive, and hard working. They tend to be
difficult, but only when they perceive a situation to be superficial or when dealing with silly
people. They enjoy a quiet workplace that is away from distractions. They are not
temperamentally suited to a job that is highly visible and in front of the public, unless they
are totally in charge. Scorpios prefer a career that allows them the opportunity to work hard
and to be passionate about what they do.

Scorpios do not like to be interrupted when they are working and need to be able to do
things on their own terms. The Scorpion is motivated by being able to do good work and
gaining a stellar reputation. This sign will wholeheartedly engage in all that they do, provided
that they are able to do things their way.

Scorpio may naturally gravitate toward any of the following careers:

Coroner:Scorpio is perfectly suited for this work, which could horrify others. They are not bothered by
working with a dead body and will investigate tirelessly to determine the cause of death and
other pertinent details. Scorpio has a surgeon's eye and a penchant for detective work that
matches the qualities needed in a Coroner. There is usually no need to comfort grieving
families or get into the emotional side of the case, because it is strictly science, but they
could easily handle it if necessary.

Private Investigator:The natives of this sign are naturally nosy individuals who love to discover secrets but value
highly their own privacy. All of this adds up to someone who is good at uncovering the crazy
stuff that others want to hide. The Scorpion is also great at working undercover and quietly
observing people and their activities. They are excellent researchers and won't give up until
they have all the facts. A penchant for revenge sometimes comes in handy.

Psychiatrist:The chance to hear the dirty laundry of countless clients and figure out their issues is the
kind of life that Scorpio lives for. Better to do it in a formal setting than become a voyeur or
creepy friend. Of course, there are also control issues involved and a healthy dose of
transference. Scorpio psychiatrists may be quick to blame everything on sexual problems
and may have to examine themselves first before pointing the finger.

Embalmer:With this career, Scorpios excel, not only because they are fascinated with the dead, but
also because they are ambitious and hard working. This is a lifetime career that is
demanding and stressful, but well suited to a Scorpio with endurance and fortitude. As with
being a coroner, they are able to marry science and anatomy with work that takes a lot of
dedication and a lack of squeamishness. This job also gives them the opportunity to work

Researcher:The Scorpion can be found in scientific labs, whether working for pharmaceutical
companies or doing research for private industry or government agencies. They have the
kind of mind that is able to penetrate the problem and come up with criteria to evaluate it that
will show results. There is a certain aspect of the Scorpion character that wants to be the
best, and when applied properly, will find a cure for a disease, the ultimate weight loss
solution, or a new form of birth control. Whatever the problem, they will find the answer or
improve on the solution.

Surgeon:The Scorpio native is intense and driven. They have a lot of endurance and a strong desire
to excel. These qualities allow them to be outstanding surgeons who eventually achieve an
impeccable reputation in the operating room. Inner strength and tenacity allow them to
persevere when it seems like all is lost. During medical school, they most likely have high
marks, a lot of pressure, and a huge number of one-night stands.

Sex Therapist:Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio is the obvious choice to work with people who have
hang-ups and dysfunction in the bedroom. The airing of dirty little secrets, sexual fantasies,
and embarrassing details does not deter dear Scorpio. In fact nothing is too shocking for
this personality. They have the ability to get to the root of the matter and help their clients to
make adjustments and work through problems.

Dominatrix:This career is not for everyone, but for those Scorpios with a strong personality and lots of
need for control, this job could be very lucrative and satisfying. There is the opportunity to
work from home, wear an interesting uniform, and work out some aggression. This is not for
the faint of heart or the passive, but can be a way to access the dark side without causing
too much harm.

Bill Collector:Another job that allows the nasty side of Scorpio to emerge is in collections. They can get
paid to abuse and cajole deadbeats and debtors eight hours a day and then go home to
relax in front of the fire. Empty threats and daily harassment are the tools of the trade,
requiring a lot of dogged determination and a will to succeed. They are not daunted at all by
people who don't answer the phone or open their mail, and will find a way to get to them.
Hypnotist:Scorpio loves being in control and is fascinated by the unconscious. When acting
responsibly, this career could be perfect for them. Working with clients who want to shake
bad habits, they are able to make hypnotic suggestions, which are effective in dealing with
these problems. Some people are looking to remember past lives or hidden memories. The
Scorpion is the master of secrets and hidden things.