14 September 2008

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India Education Minister With No education

India should we laugh or cry ?
In India you do not need qualification to become Minister or politician
Do you think we need some law in this regard.
Do you think our politician need some basic graduation degree to become minister.
Currently we dont have a such a law and because of this what happens you can read now.
state : Goa
Education Minister : His name is Antanasio Babush Monserrate .
His education just 8 th standard dropout from St.Theresa High School Bandra west.
Do you think this person has right to become education minister
Further he has lied on affidavit oath that he is Syba and passed SSC that is standard 10.
our politicians say us and make us fool
India is next super power
do you think we can become superpower ?
For more details you can read pune mirror sunday sep 14 2008.