05 September 2008

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Around The World - The banned books

Banned Stuff

A Book banned is a book read ,they say the easiest way to achive fame is write something contraversial and get it banned.many banned writings later reached the must read hall of fame.here are some books or writings which became classics.

1- ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT - ERICH MARIA REMARQUEthe nazis had this book banned for its insulting matter towards the german forces.

2- ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN - MARK TWAINthe concord mass public library committe in the us called it a trash.

3-ANIMAL FARM - GEORGE ORWELLits anit stalin theme got it delayed in the uk and was banned in yougoslavia ,kenya and uae.

4-LETTERS FROM BURMA - DAW AUNG SAN SUU KYIthis series of 52 essays talked about her freedom fight for burmese demography.

5- UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTSthe cuban police gave the shipment of donated library books from spain a burial at the sea,as they had 8000 pamphlets of the above.

6- BIBLE - VARIOUS AUTHORSthe catholic church banned many translated bibles,while the erstwhile soviet union had it banned for obvious reasons.

7- BIKO - DONALD WOODSthis biograpahy about the prominent activist stevo biko was banned in south africa,for being critical of the aparthied system.

8- BLACK BEAUTY - ANNA SEWELLthis classic got banned in south africa for the word black in the title

9- THE BLUE LOTUS - HERGEthis tintin classic got itself banned in china for being pro- kuominatang.

10- THE BOOK OF ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS - this collection was banned in most muslim countries for its support for non muslim faiths.

11- THE CATCHER IN THE RYE - JD SALINGER this debated book was banned in us for its use of rather defile language and many other issues.

12 - CALL OF THE WILD - JACK LONDONit got prohibited in yugoslavia and italy.

13- CANDIDE - VOLTAIREthe book was banned for being anti everything.

14 - THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO - KARL MARX AND FRIEDRICH ENGELSthe book got banned in the usa for the nations anti-communist stand and is one of themost debated book of all times.

15 - THE COMPLETE MANUAL OF SUICIDE - WATARU TSURUMI :this japanese book was banned in hongkong for its content though japan has banned it.

16 - DAKAR - THE STORY OF THE ISRAELI SUBMARINE UNIT - MIKE ELDAR NAVY CAPTAIN :the israeli government thought it revealed official secrets.

17 - DID 6 MILLION REALLY DIE - RICHARD HARDWOOD :this book on whether holocaust did happen was banned in canada,australlia, newzealand,israel,most of europe.

18 - DR ZHIVAGO - BORIS PASTERNAK :erstwhile soviet union banned it for being critical of the bolshevik party.

19 - FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS - ERNEST HEMMINGWAY :this classic was published in spain,during france regime for being on the side of the republicans.

20 - THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS : ARUNDHATI ROY :the book was banned in india,for depicting inter religion sex scenes. the ban however was lifted over.

21 - THE GRAPES OF WRATH - JOHN STEINBECK :us,specially california, banned this book as the region was not shown in positive light.

22 - THE GULAG ARCHPELAGO - ALEKSANDR SOLZHENITSYN :soviet union found it not complying with their belifefs.his one day in the life of ivan denisovich got him exiled.

23 - HARRY POTTER SERIES : J K ROWLING :few us schools and christian groups banned it for its theme of magic.

24 : LADY CHATTERLYS LOVER : D H LAWRENCE :the classic got banned in the uk and usa for its obscene content.

25 : THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST - NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS :it was banned for its blasphemous contents.

26 : LAJJA - TASLIMA NASREEN this book had bangladesh,few indian states and the muslim hardliners baying for her blood.

27 - MEIN KAMPF - ADOLF HITLER - this book was banned everywhere,but for its historical inference,germany,austria and netherlands allow it to be sold.

28 : THE MOUNTAIN WREATH - PETRA II PETROVICNJEGOS -this poem play was banned in bosnia ,for being based on the event on the extermination of the muslim converts.

29 : QUESTIONS FROM CHARIMAN MAO - MAO ZEDONG -the little red book was banned in south vietnam and non communist nations.

30 - RIGHTS OF MAN - THOMAS PAINE -its french reveloution supporting mater got it banned in uk and also in tsarist russia.

31 - SANANIC VERSES - SALMAN RUSHDIE -it was banned in india,iran and singapore for blashphemy.

32 - TROPIC OF CANCER - HENRY MILLER -the usa banned it for its vulgar content,they also banned his other works.

33 - ULYSSES - JAMES JOYCE -its rather sexual content got the novel banned in the usa but it was later lifted.

34 - UNCLE TOMS CABIN - HARRIET BEECHER STOWE -its racist depiction of the african-american people got it banned the the southern states of the usa and tsarist russia.

35 - UNITED STATES - VIETNAM RELATIONS 1945- 1967 BY ROBERT MCNAMARA AND THE UNITES STATES DEPT.OF DEFENCEthis classifed govt.study was kept down by president nixon but came out in the 70s as the pentagon papers.

36 - THE WEALTH OF NATIONS - ADAM SMITH -this pro capitalist book was banned in communist nations.

37 - INDED LIBRORUM PROHIBITUM :this list of prohibited books by the roman catholic church has writers like dante,casanova and many more . their writings were considered non conformist.


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Thanks for the list of banned books