24 September 2008

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Dolly Parton Album - Joshua - Lyrics

Joshua was a 1971 album by  Dolly Parton that included her first song to top the U.S. country charts  The album reached # 16 on the country albums charts, and #198 on the pop albums chart.
Artist: Parton Dolly
Song: Letter To Heaven -Lyrics
Album: Joshua

An old man was sitting at his table one day
Writing a letter to pass time away
His little granddaughter climbed up on his knee
Saying won't you please write a letter for me
Oh what must I say in this letter
I pray Tell mommy I miss her
since she went away I coming to see her real soon I hope
He choked back a big lump that rose in his throat
He sealed it and wrote on that big envelope
To God up in heaven you'll get it I hope
He stamped it and handed it to her to mail
Her big eyes were shining her little face pale
She was crossing the street to the box o'er the way
And when she stepped out never looked either way
A big auto hit her and sped away fast
The little girls prayers had been answered at last
The postman was passing and picked up the note
Addressed to the Master and these words he spoke
Straight up into heaven this letter did go
She's happy up there with her mommy I know
Artist: Parton Dolly

Song: The Last One To Touch Me -Lyrics

Album: Joshua

If there ever was an angel, then surely you must be one
If there ever was a perfect love when I look at you I see one
If there's heaven on earth, then this must surely be
And I want you to be the last one to touch me
The last thing I remember before I go to sleep
Is the touch of your sweet lips softly kissing me
And I go to sleep athinking how happy you make me
And I want you to be the last one to touch me
And when it's time to lay me down for my eternal sleep
Once more let your fingers softly touch my cheek
If I know that you have touched me, then I can sleep in peace
And I want you to be the last one to touch me
And when the night is over and time will be no more
They say that we shall meet again upon the golden shore
And so when I awaken from my eternal sleep
I want you to be the first one to touch me
I want you to be the first, the last, the only one to touch me
Artist: Parton Dolly

Song: Joshua- lyrics

Album: Joshua

Well a good ways down the railroad track There was this little old rundown shack
And in it lived a man I'd never seen Folks said he was a mean and a vicious man
And you better not set foot on his land I didn't think nobody could be that mean
So I took me out walking down the railroad track I was a-gonna go down to that little old shack And just find out if all them things I'd heard was true
There was a big black dog laying out in the yard
And it growled at me and I swallowed hard
And I heard somebody say well who are you Oh and there he stood in the door of that shack
His beard and his hair was long and black
And he was the biggest man I'd ever seen When he spoke his voice was low and deep
But he just didn't frighten me 'Cause somehow I just knew he wasn't mean
He said what you doing snooping 'round my place And I saw a smile come across his face
So I smiled back and I told him who I was He said come on in and pull you up a chair
You might as well since you already here And he said you can call me Joshua
Joshua Joshua Whatcha doing living here all alone
Joshua Joshua Ain't you got nobody to call your own No no no no
We talked 'til the sun was clean out of sight And we still talking when it come daylight
And there was just so much we had to say hey I'd spent my life in an orphan's home
And just like him I was all alone So I said yeah when he asked if I'd stay
Oh we grew closer as time went on
And that little old shack it was a happy home
And we just couldn't help but fall in love That big black dog and that little old shack
Sitting down by the railroad track It's plenty good enough for me and Joshua
Joshua Joshua Why you're just what I've been looking for
Joshua Joshua You ain't gonna be lonesome anymore
No no
Me and Joshua Me and Joshua Me and Joshua yeah yeah Me and Joshua ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------