21 August 2008

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Videocon Land Deal is it another corruption ? -- india

Videocon Land Deal is it another corruption ?
The Maharashtra Cabinet on Tuesday kicked off a storm by allotting 100 hectare of land at “a throwaway price” to Videocon Industries to set up a Rs 8,000-crore fab unit in Navi Mumbai. While the state government justified the move to allot land without auction on the grounds that “the project will bring new technology and a large project to the state”, clearing the sale of the land at a price of Rs 792 crore is way below the going rate in the area.
Several ministers, including revenue minister Narayan Rane, and bureaucrats in the state administration have asserted that had the land been offered through a bidding process, state-run City & Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) would have earned at least Rs 3,000 crore.
The land will be used only for the production of TFT LCDs and display devices. Videocon group chairman Venugopal Dhoot told FE that the project was in the interest of the state and would generate 10,000 jobs.
Now our questions ?
is it the land of ministers ?
if this land is the property of minister, would he have sold the land without auction ?
do u think we will get the satsifactory answer why the auction was not held ?
Making Tft panels , which special technology it will bring ?
Do u feel there is smoke in this deal ?
Why Navi Mumbai land ,give it in a village free of cost for developement and starting factory
Is it another courruption deal ?
We hope its not curruption deal .
Hope truth comes out
God help india