15 August 2008

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Independent India 15th august

In the 61st Independence year, we live in continuous fear.
with a bomb here and a bomb there,
They are now everywhere.
Fundamentalist are having a ball, Making life miserable for all.
Aims of glory and socialism, are under threat of terrorism.
Parliament is no longer secure,A dastardly attack it had to endure.
But in the recent trust vote,Cash bundles got every bodys goat.
Each state is a mini country,Federal rule a mockery.
Theroy of sons of the soil ,Has the people on the boil.
National parties are being boliterated,
As regional ones have proliferated.

The capital is a mafia city.
where there is no security.
what use our lawmakers
when most are history sheeters
even the supreme court is in despair
at the governments inability to repair
the bureaucrasts stubborn obstinacy
and their lack of accountability
surrounded by enemies on all sides
has no effect on our netas hides
the many scams and swindles
shows hour our morality dwindles.

Taken from pune mirror august 15