14 August 2008

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India -One more encouragment to do corruption a new amendment

One more protection to do corruption to govt babus
The Union cabinet approved the introduction of the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2008, science and technology minister Kapil Sibal said. The Bill seeks to protect retired government servants as many of them are prosecuted without sanction, he said.
Law enforcing agencies may soon have to secure government permission before proceeding against retired babus. The Centre gave the go-ahead on Friday to changes in the Prevention of Corruption Act to make it mandatory for all investigation agencies to seek prior permission before taking action against retired government employees.
Can we think this way, that goverment officials please go ahead and do courrptionas we the politicans of india will not proscute you after your retirement also.go enjoy courruption .
what you think about this law ,which will make it more difficult to proscute the goverment employees after there retirement also.
the reason said to make this law is that law enforcemnt agencies harras goverment officiers after there retirement so they need protection .
dont you think if this is right then more than 50% indian population needs this protectionwhy only government babus ?
god save india help indiahope god will save india