13 August 2006

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why to visit pune reasons -------- india

This is a good news for the drivers who like to ride there bikes on road with path holes .

If you are such a bike ride please visit Pune city India as here PMC that is local body has developed such a roads in the city that you will have to find the road.

If you find the road pleas quickly take the photo as it is rare thing as still majority Pune citizens are trying to find a road in vein.

2nd is if u are company who is making vehicles which will travel walk on the moon you can come with your vehicles to test on pune city roads if they travel successfully on these roads
i am sure your vehicle will work 100% on moon and you will not need to get insurance.

Also by testing your vehicle on pune roads you will save money for creating environment like moon.

we hope soon NASA or other space agency takes note of this and publish the pics of pune city roads and moon taken from space for comparison .

i am sure they will be surprised to see that moon and pune city are same in one condition of path holes 100% matching .

if you got such pics let me know in comments and i will put them on blog