13 August 2006

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India -- Right to information Act , RIT act and govt of india

Recently in India citizens got the right to information with limitations from our king politicians who are actually servants of Indian people but they have become kings ruling India generation after generation like kings.

Anyway so point is Indian people got right to information with limits

About this law majority Indians are not aware or do not know what this law is or how the law will be useful for Indian citizens.

But people who know this law started to use it
and result is that our corrupt or lazy politicians as well as IPS and IAS officers started to feel the heat of law which made them reveal their laziness or corrupt documents to public .

so now these politicians are planning to change the law so like other laws this law will also become useless ineffective.

this is nothing but cancellation of Right to information law which mistakly they have given to there slave owners.

i hope these politicians do not do this as India is silently running towards 2nd revolution

what will happen that time no one knows But this revolution will make India religion free,caste free and lead India towards economic reservation etc.