26 January 2006

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why people use pirated softwares

Normally users do not want to use cracked versions of softwares. But because of financial problems they are unable to purchase that softwares as there prices are too high for them to purchase. So i feel software companies need to reduce the price and software companies will find that people have started to purchase licenced copies of softwares.

Unless and Untill software companies do this there will not be end of using pirated softwares. Alos now people have started to use free softwares as they are better than any products which people need to purchase .Following are the few examples, names of softwares .

1] AVG antiviurs free version beats any antivirus programme or its equal to best industry standards and avast

2] spybot for spyware detection, adaware

3] open office from sun

4] winamp

I would like to say thanks to this companies for providing such good user friendly softwares free of cost, to needy computer users who can not afford to purchase softwares