24 January 2006

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Kings and Politicians Democracy Is there any difference

There was an era when in every state there were kingdoms and state was ruled by kings and Queens. .

At that time , we can find that kings became rich his ministers became rich and ministers relatives became rich and ruled the state and state rules that is to say kings rule they were all above those rules .

you will find few exceptions also. Like King Shivaji from India. Maharashtra state.

Now today, we have democracy in many countries or other form of governments.
But do you see any change between kingdoms and democracy.

In majority countries you will find that politicians are becoming rich, there relatives are becoming rich.

Rich class is becoming richer day by day poor is becoming poor. You can say today’s poor class middle class has little more rights, more enjoyments but in the end he is a willing slave of his employer

Do you see any employee has right to speak against his employer say it may be a truth but the employee must keep quiet. Otherwise he will be fired from his job immediately.

There are very few cases like bill Clinton where President or say Prime Minister of state has been tried by state.

Normally you will see, a commission is appointed then there is just a time pass
There is no result just inquiry after inquiry and common mans, taxpayers money is wasted on this inquires in millions of dollars.

So I just request to the every govt. that please stop this wastage of money or give the result with speedy action not any separate committee to decide which action should be taken.