04 March 2014

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Six Reasons why one should never Join Indian Navy

Six Reasons why one should never Join Indian Navy

Media reported that the batteries on the INS Sindhuratna were not changed during its refit that ended in December 2013.

The INS Sindhuratna is a diesel-electric vessel, and runs on battery power while submerged. That power is provided by 240 lead acid batteries that weigh about 800kg each.

These batteries tend to release flammable hydrogen gas, especially when they are being charged, and submarines have safety systems to address emergencies arising out of this. Old batteries are even worse.

The fact that the Navy is operating Kilo-class submarines for close to 30 years now, much beyond their lifespan, is also a reflection of the breakdown of perspective planning in the MoD.

The sinking of INS Sindhurakshak in August last year and the accident on board the INS Sindhuratna on Wednesday has brought focus on the Russian-made submarines.

Following are the reasons one should never join the Indian

Indian Navy is controlled by Indian Politicians who do not have any accountability towards anybody including their own soul

Indian Navy uses second hand parts for Indian Sub marine
Second hand part means death for our Indian boys and girls

Politicians do not respect Indian Navy

Majority Indian citizens do not care about Indian Navy
Do you remember any name of Indian Navy Officer?

For the crimes committed by the Politicians Indian Navy Chief has to resign
For the death of Indian navy officers

Indian Navy uses age old submarines

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

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Renu March 04, 2014  

It is so depressing.

Destination Infinity March 05, 2014  

The Govt. should take better care of the soldiers.

Destination Infinity