04 March 2014

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Ten Reasons one should not vote for BJP in Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Ten Reasons one should not vote for BJP in Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Following are the ten reasons not to vote for BJP in coming Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Regarding Corruption Congress Party and BJP are same parties, they are like twin brothers,
They are like two sides of same coin

No Punishment for Corruption

BJP is a religious party, they support religion not the human rights

One Example - Do not support LGBT community

BJP does not support economic reservation
They support same Congress policy, divide and rule on the name of caste and religion
BJP supports caste based reservation, same like Congress Party

Just like Congress BJP is against good laws
Example – Jan Lokpal Bill

Do not support Police Reforms same like congress

Do not support CBI reforms same like congress

Do not support elections reforms same like congress

Without Compulsion Never ever pass the good laws

Do not bring administrative reforms – same like Congress

Both BJP and Congress shout on each other and waste the time of Indian Parliament many times

Vote for BJP means Vote for Congress Policy

Vote for Congress means Vote for BJP policy

Both are same

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

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