16 January 2021

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Review Tandav Web Series starring Saif Ali Khan and Dimple

Review Tandav Web Series starring Saif Ali Khan and Dimple 
Saturday, January 16, 2021

In Depth Review of Tandav Web Series starring Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia
Web Series Name- Tandav 
Released on January 15,2021
Season 1-Available On-Amazon Prime Video
Number of Episodes – 9
Amazon Rating 18+
My own rating is 16+

After first 2 episodes web series starts to lose all direction and charm and slowly starts to become boring only plus point is Saif, Dimple and very good performance by Sunil Grover and Gauahar Khan 
Story is about Prime Minister Post, Very High level of Politics but there is a zero use of ED, Income Tax, RAW, Elections happen but do not talk about or discuss EVM.
The concept was very good but fails to develop into becoming a super hit drama of 2021.
My own feeling is producers diluted, censored web series because of fear.

Saif Ali Khan-Samar Pratap Singh
Dimple Kapadia-Anuradha Kishore
Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub-Shiva Shekhar
Sunil Grover-Gurpal Chauhan
Kritika Kamra-Sana Mir
Dino Morea-Professor Jigar Sampath
Neha Hinge-Garima Deswal
Gauahar Khan-Maithili Sharan
Sandhya Mridul-Professor Sandhya Nigam
Shonali Nagrani-Aditi Mishra
Rajiv Gupta-Inspector Narendra Jhakar

Plot-Story of the Web Series Tandav-

Tandav takes place in a fictional capital city of the world's largest democracy Dilli. 
It tells the story of greed, high level of politics, college elections 
The show uncovers the darkest lanes of Indian politics.
we see the similar characteristics like which we see in real life VNU, Media Control, Use of Social Media Accounts, Farmer Protests etc.
Samar murders his father; a PM Candidate and drama starts how he tries to become PM and how Anuradha plays the game and becomes PM and How Samar again removes her from PM post and finally Samar realizes the fun is not in becoming a King but a King Maker.

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Kirtivasan Ganesan January 17, 2021  

As I have limited devices and network I do not watch Web series or OTT.
My best wishes.

Renu January 22, 2021  

But why bring Hindu gods in it and some metaphors like VNU and show something that n caste basis specifically saying that Muslims are easily being exploited and all that, it’s a leftist propaganda , nothing more

rudraprayaga February 22, 2021  

I haven't seen it. Mostly political series would be deriding one party and favouring another. Political satires usually touch all the parties.

SM February 26, 2021  

now India has changed lot.