23 October 2020

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Mirzapur Season 2 Review Story will there be Mirzapur season 3?

Mirzapur Season 2 Review Story will there be Mirzapur season 3?
Friday, October 23, 2020
Mirzapur Season 2 was released on October 22, 11.30 Pm on Amazon Prime.
Review is based on after watching all episodes that is 10 episodes of Mirzapur Season 2.
Just I finished watching all episodes and I am writing this review.

Mirzapur Season 2 – Number of Episodes 10

In last episode of Season 1 Mirzapur we saw that Bablu Pandit and Sweta Gupta are killed by Munna Bhaiya. and Munna and others gets injured in fighting.
Part 1 starts with Injured Munna Bhaiya waking up, and other side Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal), Golu Gupta (Shweta Tripathi) and Dimpy Pandit (Harshita Shekhar Gaur), are on the run from Kaleen Bhaiya and his gang.

In season 1 we saw that Guddu and Bablu murder Ratishankar Shukla and in season 2 we see that his son Shankar also wants to take revenge and become king of Mirzapur just like his father.

Then there is Lala in Season 1 we saw that Munna Bhaiya murders the son in law of Lala in a marriage ceremony. 

We see the entry of new characters also, Entry of criminals from Bihar, Dadda Tyagi [Lilliput]and his twin sons, Senior and Junior who control illegal business of liquor supply.
Dimpy goes to Lucknow for studies and there she falls in love with Robin, a new character introduced as investment maker, he also falls in love with Dimpy.

Robin invests the money of Guddu and other criminals 

Sharad introduces Tripathi to Dadda.

Robin introduces Golu to Junior, unmarried son of Dadda Tyagi who falls in love with Golu
Guddu falls in love with Shabnam and Golu also finds a friend, junior Tyagi who helps her in Opium Business.

Story takes many turns, Munna Bhaiya gets married to daughter of Chief Minister and later on Chief Minister gets murdered and his brother tries to become Chief Minister.

The wife of Akhandanand Tripathi becomes mother, gives birth to boy, who can claim the throne of Mirzapur in future.

In last episode finally Guddu and Golu take revenge and murder Munna Bhaiya, Akhandanand Tripathi gets injured but Sharad saves him and takes him with him in his car.

We see that Guddu sitting on the throne of Mirzapur.

Does Amazon will bring season 3 of Mirzapur?
Answer is Yes, I think Amazon will bring Mirzapur Season 3 as there are many loopholes in story, many characters are alive who will want to sit on throne of Mirzapur or want to take revenge.

I will recommend you to watch the Mirzapur season 2 

Waited 2 years for this season.

Action is there but story moves very slowly, only six episodes were enough to finish the season 2 but here we get to see full 10 episodes.

Amazon Prime Video Web Series Mirzapur 1 was released it became a classic, set the standards for a web series.

And Mirzapur season 2 fails to meet the standards set by the Mirzapur season 1, fails to meet the standards on all fronts like story, music, dialogues.

After waiting of 2 years finally Season 2 of Mirzapur arrived but it I felt there were no efforts were made to meet the standards set the by season 1 of Mirzapur.

Review and Rating of Mirzapur 2 
Story – 2.5/5
Music -2.5/5
Mirzapur Season 2 rating - 2.5/5

I did not get paid to write any of reviews for any web series including Mirzapur 2
I did not get any free coupons to review the web series. 

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Unknown Sam October 28, 2020  

I don't think so. Both the seasons are best in their own place. But as a whole story it's a unique story with all the elements are present in balanced way.👍👍🤩🤩

SM November 27, 2020  

@Unknown Sam
both seasons are good, but 1st season wins gold medal and 2nd season gets bronze medal .