12 June 2019

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Historic La Liga App fined 250,000 euros for violation of GDPR Privacy Violation

Historic La Liga App fined 250,000 euros for violation of GDPR Privacy Violation
Wednesday, 12 June, 2019

Spanish soccer league La Liga has been fined 250,000 euros by local data protection agency AEPD

Spain’s La Liga soccer league is one of the most popular league

Spain’s data protection agency name is AEPD
AEPD = Agencia Española de Protección de Datos

Why AEPD fined La Liga?
The penalty comes after La Liga deployed a controversial feature in its Android app which activated device microphone and location services in an effort to identify establishments airing matches without a license.

La Liga offers an Android app with a number of features including schedules, kick-off times, and the all-important results.

After gaining consent from users, La Liga’s software turns phones into spying devices which are able to analyze their surroundings using the microphone, listening out for unauthorized broadcasts this audio is then paired with phone GPS data to pinpoint establishments, locations airing matches without a license.

The feature was outlined in the app’s privacy policy

AEPD has hit La Liga with a significant 250,000 euro fine for not properly informing its users in respect of the ‘microphone’ feature, including not displaying a mic icon when recording.

The data protection agency said that La Liga’s actions breached several aspects of the EU’s GDPR, including a failure to gain consent every time the microphones in users’ devices were activated.

AEPD has ordered La Liga to introduce new mechanisms to ensure that users are properly notified when the anti-piracy features of the app are in use.

In a statement, La Liga said it will go to court to challenge the ruling

Historical and Excellent ruling by AEPD.

Food for thought
Did you ever read the privacy policy of any android app?

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