03 March 2019

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India Professor Sandeep Wathar forced to kneel say sorry for Praising Imran Khan

India Professor Sandeep Wathar forced to kneel say sorry for Praising Imran Khan
Sunday, March 3, 2019

An Indian professor Sandeep Wathar was forced to issue a public apology by kneeling down for praising Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media.

As per media reports professor  Sandeep Wathar of  Civil Engineering at Vachana Pitamaha Dr P G Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, was on Saturday forced to kneel and apologize to ABVP and BJP activists in Vijayapura district of Karnataka over a Facebook post in which he allegedly criticized the BJP government at the Centre for creating a war-like situation and praising Pakistan Prime Imran Khan for his stand during the “escalating” tension between the neighbors.

The institution is run by Bijapur Lingayat Development Education Society, owned by Karnataka Home Minister and Congress leader M B Patil.

In two separate posts on Facebook, Wathar allegedly questioned the BJP and other right-wing activists over the latest round of tension with Pakistan. “Who sounds more intelligent in all this? You…bhakts. You will [be] the reason for destruction of millions of lives if this tension escalates. BJP…absolutely zero shame,” he stated in one post.

He shared the post along with another post with a statement quoting Imran Khan, which read as “war-like tension is escalating between India and Pakistan and peace is the only solution to end this.”

As per media reports  BJP and ABVP activists forced Sandeep Wathar to apologise and kneel down with his hands folded, while also demanding his resignation.
Over a hundred activists belonging to a right-wing group allegedly surrounded the professor and physically forced him to kneel down. The ABVP activists and the BJP have demanded suspension of the professor, Sandeep Wathar.

Wathar was made to kneel and apologise. “I won’t repeat it in future, forgive me for my Facebook post,” he can be heard saying in a viral video.

The protesters also got him to delete his Facebook post and demanded that the institution initiate action against him.

As per media reports Superintendent of Police Prakash Nikam said, “We asked the protesters to lodge a complaint, but no one came forward. I have directed the Deputy SP to investigate the incident and submit a report.”

Supreme Court of India needs to direct and clear the position regarding sedition, national and anti national statements and police registering such cases which are later withdrawn.
Supreme Court of India needs to set the guild lines regarding such cases which will give automatic police protection to such people and their families.

India is a secular democracy but sadly it has become Mobocracy

Mobocracy – Jiska Danda uski Bhains or Jiski Lathi Uski Bhains
in short this means the powerful always wins even if he is wrong as per Constitution of India or Human Rights

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