02 February 2019

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Amazon India Discontinues Amazon Pantry Reason BJP Govt E commerce policy

Amazon India Discontinues Amazon Pantry Reason BJP Govt E commerce policy
Saturday, February 2, 2019

No one thought that Amazon India will become so popular with Indian buyers.

Amazon Pantry was the online super market run by the Amazon India.

Currently “Pantry is completely empty, Nothing is there to Buy

Amazon Pantry gave good quality products at discounted rate with super fast delivery.

Amazon Pantry is an online supermarket wherein customers can buy grocery and household items. You can fill a virtual box of items from the Amazon Pantry store and have the items delivered the next day to your doorstep. The delivery charge is Rs 30 for Prime customers and Rs 59 for non-Prime customers. However, if your Pantry order value is above Rs 599, the delivery is FREE.

But now because of BJP governments changed E-commerce rules Amazon India has discontinued the Amazon Pantry.

Majority Products disappeared from Amazon Pantry.

In December 2018 BJP Government modified foreign direct investment rules for its e-commerce sector reason was vote politics.

Middle class was very happy with Amazon Pantry but to cater for votes BJP Government changed its policy regarding e commerce sector.

BJP Governments new e-commerce investment rules bar online retailers like amazon from selling products via vendors in which they have an equity share, and also from making deals with sellers to sell exclusively on their platforms.

Amazon India holds equity share in Cloudtail thus many products sold by Cloudtail are disappearing from Amazon India site.

This will continue until New Government is formed, If BJP wins elections in 2019 and forms government again, then it will become very difficult for Amazon and Flipkart to do business in India.

This will result in loss to every online buyer.

Online we can exchange products this rarely happens in local shops.

Many times local shops told me once you are outside of our shop we will not exchange product for whatever may be the reason.

Rarely we get good discounts from local shops.

Few People think that this e commerce policy change will favor Reliance?

Yes it will favor only if Reliance shows honesty in business like Amazon India.

But I do not think Reliance will be able to do business like Amazon India.

If you enjoyed online shopping now think before voting for BJP.

Amazon has committed to investing $5.5 billion in India Last year Walmart spent $16 billion on Flipkart.

Now Question is when Amazon India Pantry will be back again ?

It is very difficult to say when Amazon India Pantry will be back again.

I do not think before June 2019 Amazon India Pantry will be back in full force.

Only after formation of new government in 2019 , Amazon and Flipkart will be able to do business properly in India , until that nothing is clear.

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