30 January 2019

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Once Again Anna Hazare starts Fast for Lokpal as BJP fails

Once Again Anna Hazare starts Fast for Lokpal as BJP fails

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Before 2014 majority Indians hated Congress Party for not doing anything regarding Lokpal Bill and result was Congress Party lost Lok Sabha elections and there were many other reasons also because of which Congress Party and mainly honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lost elections.

The Toothless, Powerless  Lokpal and Lokayukta Act was enacted in December 2013. Under the Act, the government at the Centre and state has to constitute a body to deal with complaints relating to corruption.
BJP got majority in lower house elections in 2014, and PM Narendra Modi got a lower house which he controlled fully without fearing any friend or anyone but BJP failed to utilize the power given by Indian voters to BJP.

BJP did not appoint Lokpal Bill.

My own belief is that only a thief fears Lokpal.
If any politician fears to appoint Lokpal then indirectly it proves that the leader is most corrupt, we should not trust him. We should not vote for him.

No Lokpal = 100% proof that leader is corrupt, he is not trustworthy We should never vote for the leader or political party who is against strong Lokpal.

There is no valid excuse for not appointing a Lokpal,  A good honest politician will resign from his post if his party or elected members say no to Lokpal.

When elected politicians do not appoint a Lokpal, it indirectly proves that, He is a corrupt politician, He will work only for big corporate houses of the nation.

Scams like Rafale Scam happened because there is no strong Lokpal.

Now once again Anna Hazare has started his fast for Lokpal.

Social activist Anna Hazare Wednesday began a hunger strike at his village in Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra demanding formation of a Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayukta in the states. Hazare had announced his agitation in December last year,saying that it was wrong to trust the “lies” of the BJP-led government at the Centre.

Anna had threatened an agitation in October 2018, which he called off after Maharashtra Minister Girish Mahajan, on behalf of the BJP government in the state and the Centre, met him to discuss the issue.

News Agency PTI reported that Hazare, in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi dated January 28, said he would launch his strike Wednesday as his demands have not been fulfilled. “Nine months have passed, yet the demands have not been fulfilled. Hence, I will be on hunger strike in my village Ralegan Siddhi on January 30,”
Anna Hazare said that “It has been five years since the Lokpal Act was passed. Yet the Narendra Modi government has not appointed Lokpal. Lokayukta Act has not been passed in Maharashtra for four years,”

The Supreme Court has given a deadline of February-end for the search committee to send a panel of names who could be considered for the appointment as chairman and members of Lokpal by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led selection committee.

Now because of Supreme Court BJP Government may appoint a Lok Pal as Supreme Court will force the government to appoint a Lokpal.
It is good that Anna Hazare started his fast again this will also put pressure on BJP Government who is not ready to appoint toothless and powerless Lokpal.
This is a good chance for Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to meet Anna Hazare and promise him that if Congress wins 2019 lower house elections, they will appoint Lokpal in 30 days.

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