07 November 2018

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Explained Real Reasons Understand Why BJP and Politicians change the names of cities?

Explained Real Reasons Understand Why BJP and Politicians change the names of cities?
Now a days in everyday we read that XYZ BJP leader, CM declared that he will change the name of XYZ city and rename it with an old name.

Now question is Why BJP want to change the name of cities?
One will say that in last four years BJP failed in everything and now they are doing this drama of name change, Yes it is right but this is not the correct, right reason why BJP is changing the name of City

The reasons are very deep rooted and historical.

For this you will need to read the history again and again with deep understanding.

Ask yourself what is the contribution of RSS or BJP before Independence of India?

Do you know any RSS or BJP leader who was associated with Independence moment in India?

The name is very very important, it has historical significance, when a name of a city gets changed, its very slowly start to lose historical importance, the leaders and people associated with that city start to lose importance, this process is very slow but it works on common man after few 2 or 3 generations people forget the old name and old leaders.

Now whenever any one say name of city Allahabad one remembers greatest and no. 1 Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Now once the name of Allahabad is changed after 25 years very few people will remember the name of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

With this name change they are trying to erase the history also, they are trying change history also which was seen and written by Indians.

Akbarnama mentions that the Mughal emperor A kbar founded a great city in Allahabad. `Abd al-Qadir Bada'uni and Nizamuddin Ahmad mention that Akbar laid the foundations of an imperial city there which was called Ilahabas or Ilahabad. He was said to be impressed by its strategic location and built a fort there, later renaming it Ilahabas by 1584 which was changed to Allahabad by Shah Jahan

How much politicians try to erase the memory and history , it never happens , the truth remains always truth and it comes out one or another way.

Muslim rulers and British rulers ruled in Asia which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh for few hundred years and they developed this region and this reason we find there names associated with majority places.

When Indian Independence moment started Congress party was fighting alone , Gandhi united India and Nehru saw the dream of Modern Secular Independent Developed India and he worked towards that as No. 1 and greatest Prime Minister of India.

This is the reason with majority cities and places the names of Congress leaders are related.

Once you change the name of a city, a slow process starts, gets activated which slowly changes the history of that place. People start to forget the old name of city, people start to forget the names of old leaders who were born their and their contributions for that city and nation.

For me whenever any politician says he will change the name of city, it is nothing but open declaration that he has failed in everything, his ancestors did nothing for that city , he does not love that city and this is reason he wants to change name of city , this way he will get his foot prints written on the history of that city.

Hope now you understand the real reason and motives why BJP prefers to change the names of cities and districts.

I can only say Indian history is in danger and it is duty of every blogger and every historian to write more and more about historical places and people which will be useful for someone in future , when there will be fight over what is the true history of XYZ city

Today Ambedkar and Nehru both are very useful for every person, their writings are very useful , even if people do not like them , they have to use their names. This is history.
Change the name of city or district , But history wont die , it will always come up somewhere and in one or other format.

I hope RSS and BJP understands the importance of city names and decide to stop the name changing of cities. Even if you change it people will only remember you as BJP change the name of city and did nothing for that city.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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